Ugandans follow COVID-19 guidelines
Dr Baterana Urges Ugandans to follow Health guidelines. PHOTO/Lifestyle UG

Dr Baterana urges Ugandans to continue adhering to the health guidelines as the country continues to fight COVID-19 pandemic

Ugandans were urged to follow the guidelines set by the Ministry of Health as healthcare facilities in Uganda are incapable of dealing with COVID-19 cases if they arise.

Dr Byarugaba Baterana, director of the Mulago national hospital referral, reveals that in addition to the challenge of manpower, a hospital has only a capacity of 44 intensive care units.

“All those beds have got the ICU beds as they are with ventilators as well as monitors, well fitted with all gadgets for feeding and changing the drug and so forth and so forth. They are well equipped,” Baterana said.

Dr Jane Nakibuuka, head of the Mulago Intensive General Unit, also said that the Intensive Care Unit capacity is not enough.

She says about 100 nurses and 30 doctors have been trained to use the equipment which is not enough even before the coronavirus outbreak.

“Ideally, when it comes to the human resource that runs ICU’s in Uganda we don’t have that capacity, I must say immensely even before COVID-19. You need to have a very large number because you can have one patient in the day and then 50 in the next day,” Nakibuuka said.

Nevertheless, Dr Baterana highlights that there’s still time to recruit all the necessary resource, adding that none of the 20 patients so far discharged needed intensive care.

“At a moment we don’t have any ICU patient, God has been with us that all the patients that came to Mulago nobody proceeded to severe disease,” Baterana said.

Ugandans follow COVID-19 guidelines
Dr Baterana Urges Ugandans to follow Health guidelines. PHOTO/Lifestyle UG

Head of general duties at Ministry of Health Robinah Nabbanja, said that Uganda had secured 4 billion shillings to supply oxygen to the hospital in a manner that would allow the hospital to supply oxygen to any bed.

Engineer George Otim, Commissioner for infrastructure Development at Ministry of Health, projects that COVID-19 will infect 3% of Ugandans by the time the pandemic is ended at least.

“At the peak of this outbreak, about 3 per cent of Ugandans may get infected and that may amount to about 1,260,000 people attacked by this COVID-19. However, this will not be in a very short period, this could take place may be over six months or even a year.
Now in terms of ICU equipment out of those who are infected or attacked by COVID-19, 5 per cent will require intensive care,” Otim said.

Otim, says, as a result, to be able to manage the cases, the Ministry of Health will require over 100 intensive care unit boosts to all referral hospitals in the country. In this case, Otim noted that with a deficit of 10 billion shillings, the government had used 42 billion shillings to the cause.

“So, we expect 10 Units any time in the country, but we are going to continually receive them, may over one and half months but they are going to keep on coming,” Otim noted.

Uganda has 55 confirmed cases of COVID-19, 20 recoveries and 35 active cases still undergoing treatment at Mulago National Referral Hospital and Entebbe General Hospital.

Globally, there is over 2,258,945 case of coronavirus, 154,390 deaths and 575,953 recoveries.