Museveni praises COVID-19 health workers
President Museveni praises health workers, says they deserve more pay. Photo/Twitter

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni hails health workers as Uganda’s COVID-19 recoveries rise to 28

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni hailed the health workers on the frontline during his Sunday Presidential address saying they have done a great job in the fight against COVID-19 after receiving successful recoveries with no single death.

While addressing the nation on Sunday 19th, President Museveni commended the role played by these health workers in treating coronavirus infected patients.

“Our health workers have done a wonderful job. They were not very prepared but started treating the 55 people and the consequence is we don’t have a single death from the corona. I want to congratulate our health workers for a good job they have done,” Museveni said.

Museveni continued to state that so far it’s good progress after testing 11332 people and only 55 tests positive of the deadly coronavirus disease, with 28 recoveries and no death.

He also mentioned that Ugandans scientists are working around the clock to develop COVID-19 vaccine and diagnostic materials.

“Our scientists are also doing wonderful things. They are working on the vaccine. The ones in Entebbe have understood the virus structure and some of them are developing materials to use like diagnostic materials. They are doing very well,” Museveni said.

In this regard, President Museveni asked politicians and bureaucrats to consider the idea of increasing medics’ salaries because they have contributed positively towards fighting coronavirus in Uganda, adding that he’s tired of begging them.

Museveni said politicians who think they have powers to allocate funds to themselves should hold on and consider medics first.

“I don’t like the idea of people who are not scientists getting a salary increase before scientists. They have a practical contribution they can make in their specialities. They should be paid well so they stabilize and help all of us.”  

Museveni praises COVID-19 health workers
President Museveni praises health workers, says they deserve more pay. Photo/Twitter

On Sunday 19, April 2020 afternoon, Uganda discharged more 6 patients after successful full recovery from COVID-19 disease from Mulago Women’s Specialized Hospital bringing the total number of recovered patients to 28.

Uganda has continuously scored in the fight against the global pandemic COVID-19 that claimed numerous lives because Ugandans have adhered to the set guidelines and the dedicated health team handling COVID-19 treatment.

The six more recoveries were witnessed in a tweet by the Ministry of health. “Today, six patients have been discharged from Mulago National Specialized Hospital after testing negatives twice for COVID-19. Total COVID-19 recoveries now stand at 28.”

Ministry of Health Spokesperson, Emmanuel Ainebyoona said among the six discharged patients included Chinese nationals two in numbers who were handed over to the Chinese embassy in Uganda.

Dr Byarugaba Baterana, the Executive Director of Mulago Hospital says the continued discharge, are demonstrations that Uganda can defeat the coronavirus disease.

“Out of the 23, because we discharged 4 then we discharged 8, now we’re discharging 6. It means this is a clear testimony that we are defeating this virus,” Baterana said.

Dr Baterana who leads the medical team in the fight against COVID-19 asked Ugandans to strictly follow the guidelines as stipulated by the President to avoid a widespread because Uganda’s health infrastructure cannot handle an outbreak on a bigger magnitude.

“Please follow the orders that have been put in place, don’t go to get more viruses elsewhere and kill your children. Please follow the orders that are in place, follow the rules that have been set by the president and together we shall kick COVID out of Uganda,” Baterana said.