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Cowin E7 Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphone Review
photo via cowinaudio

Surely you must have already come across many different models on sale for wireless Bluetooth headphones. This makes it particularly challenging to get a good pair of headphones more so when you’re on a tight budget.

The Cowin E7, however, has established itself as a strong competitor in the low-cost Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) wireless Bluetooth headset market with superb sound quality and bass.

For the most part, these headphones are good, at just $60. They also have a comfortable fit, a sturdy construction, a long battery life, strong bass, effective noise cancellation, and quick Bluetooth connectivity.

One of the downsides however is the fact that the Cowin E7 only pairs with one device at a time, and it feels a little heavy.

Cowin E7 Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphone Review

What comes in the box

  • User manual
  • Cowin E7 Bluetooth headphones
  • Aux cable
  • Micro USB cable

Comfortability and Performance

You won’t experience much ear pressure with The Cowin E7 and that’s all thanks to their plush protein ear cushions. They make them fairly pleasant in the ears. You can easily tuck the earcups back into their carrying case or your purse because they swivel 90 degrees. The metallic headband and light metal hinges of the headphones give them a durable feel.

On the right headphone shell is a control for OFF/BT/NC. By turning the button from the off position to BT (Bluetooth), you can turn on the headphones. When unpaired, the blue light signal close to the Cowin logo will start flashing blue; when paired, it will shine constantly in a light blue tint. By sliding the button to the NC position, Active Noise Cancellation can be activated. The indicator light in this mode will be white.

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On the same right earphone The indicator light multi-function button, the volume up and down buttons, and the shell button are located on the opposite sides of a triangular-shaped button. You may switch between calls, answer, and end calls, and play and pause music by using the multi-function button.

Sound Quality

Even though they are Bluetooth headphones rather than ones connected to audio cords, the sound clarity on these is unexpectedly fantastic.

Producing deep bass is where the Cowin E7 readily excels.

There’s a good chance you missed out on a lot of tones with your standard speakers. You’ll feel as though you’re hearing some tunes for the first time using these headphones.

Also, while they’re not the best for noise-cancelling, they’re certainly good.


The headphones only support Bluetooth 4.0 in wireless mode; they do not support Bluetooth 5.0, the most recent specification. And, as it is with any other Bluetooth feature, pairing is not always easy. 

Here’s how to turn on the Cowin E7 Bluetooth and pair it with other devices

  • Turn the BT button from Off to Pair to connect these headphones to your laptop or phone. 
  • Following that, check your device’s Bluetooth settings menu for available devices. It will display as E7 headphones.
  • The headphones will pair right away if you click on them. You can start the pairing process using NFC if the headphones also support it.
  • The headphones will immediately re-connect to the previously connected device when you turn them on again.
Cowin E7 Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphone


Once fully connected, the Cowin E7 will take you all day. With ANC set on, they can playback for roughly 20 hours and nearly 30 hours, respectively. Volume levels, however, affect the actual time. A 750mAh battery powers them.

This performance is pretty impressive—you can even go two days with only occasional on/off use.


Amazon.com is offering the Cowin E7 for $59.99.

Cowin E7


The COWIN E7 can be a fantastic choice if you’re seeking a cheap wireless noise-cancelling headphone that does all the essential tasks. It’s easy to use, facilitates NFC and Bluetooth connectivity, and is pleasant to wear all day. When used in Bluetooth mode, it also produces high-quality audio. 

With just 4 hours of charging, the battery can last for more than 30 hours of chat and playtime. Only the inadequate noise cancellation feature prevents it from being excellent, making it good instead. If noise cancellation is your top priority, you’ll need to consider other headphones but at this price, this is the best you’ll find!