Crime Preventers under their umbrella National Crime Preventers Forum
Crime preventers threaten to protest over police’s failure to pay Shs14b debt. Photo/UPF

Crime Preventers under their umbrella National Crime Preventers Forum (NCPF) to pose a protest against police’s failure to pay Shs14b debt

Crime Preventers under their umbrella National Crime Preventers Forum (NCPF) have vowed to storm police headquarters following unpaid arrears amounting to 14 billion shillings.

Crime preventers under this association say that they supplied food to different police units in the country between 2015 and 2017 but police have failed to pay them since then.

They also said that Exodus Sacco, a credit and savings association owned by the police contracted them to supply food to different police units under the then Inspector of Police, General Kale Kayihura command.

NCPF chairperson, Mr Ronald Rwamakuba informed journalists at a media briefing held in Kampala, that 2,000 food suppliers are demanding 14 billion shillings from the police which they have refused to pay.

Food items supplied then includes; matooke, milk, sugar, beef, posho, rice, beans among others.

“We used our money to supply the above items for Uganda Police Force, but, shockingly, some of our friends who attained loans have since been arrested, while others have lost their properties which they had staked as security,” Mr Rwamakuba stated.

Rwamakuba adds that police should pay them their money with immediate effect before they lose their patience.

“We have been patient for a very long time and it is high time police paid our money because the foodstuffs we supplied were consumed by police officers.”

Nevertheless, Rwamakuba threatened police that if at all it doesn’t clear them by Monday 19 August 2019, they will conduct a protest by matching to the police headquarters following unpaid arrears.

Chairperson Kajansi Crime Preventers Food Suppliers, Charles Mukonde says they have reliable information that the Ministry of Finance released part of the funds to pay off them by police authority retained the money deliberately.

“We petitioned President Museveni last year and we have been informed that our money has been released, but to our dismay, we are not getting any information from the police concerning our pay,” Mukonde explained.

Continuing, Mukonde said that some crime preventers supplied food as individuals while others supplied in groups.

“We do not want to run to courts of law because we want to sort out these things amicably.”

Also, the spokesperson Finance Ministry, Jim Mugunga said that the ministry released all the money and handed it to police. And therefore, it’s upon police now to pay off their suppliers and debts.

“Police knows who their suppliers are, so it’s up to them to settle the arrears of the suppliers basing on first come and first serve basis. When we release the money for domestic arrears, we do not dictate what it should be for,” Mugunga stated.