Grand People’s Coalition ahead of 2021 General Elections
Democratic Party Bloc and ANT endorses a Grand People’s Coalition ahead of 2021 General Elections. File Photo

Grand People’s Coalition that will see a joint presidential candidate of the 2021 general elections has been endorsed by the Democratic Bloc leader, Norbert Mao and Alliance for National Transformation leader, Gen Mugisha Muntu earlier yesterday in Kampala.

In the resolutions arrived at, is that the new coalition will run under the slogan “People Power Our Power” under which all opposition parties will be represented for all elective positions in the country.

The coalition also hopes to form a government of national unity after overthrowing the regime government.

“We begin to understand the role DP has played in the history of our country, safeguarding the rule of law, constitutionalism and human rights,” Mao stated.

However, Gen Muntu, Alliance for National Transformation is ready to adopt an initiative that’s directed towards change in this nation.

“Our pledge has been consistent that whenever there’s an initiative started by any of those partners in the change process, that we will be there,” Muntu the interim leader of ANT said.

The Grand People’s Coalition also agreed to front a candidate against the incumbent, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni in the 2021 ballot in their struggle for change in Uganda.

“That we should bend over backwards to make sure that everybody is on board. Because this struggle does not belong to any of us, it’s the struggle of the people of Uganda. If we manage to persuade Ugandans that there’s a better way, then we shall remember this room and people will say it looked like a joke,” Mao stated.

“The guidelines should be able to find us there, it cannot be the other way round. So, there are already declared intentions and we need to agree on how to address those declared intentions and the position that people have already taken,” Asuman Basalirwa of JEEMA said.

To these leaders, the new coalition will correct mistakes committed earlier under the Democratic Alliance leading to the 2016 General elections.

“We understand the challenges that are facing the country, in terms of our commitment, cooperation at the Alliance, as we have been briefing DP leadership, JEEMA as well as People Power consistently,” Mao said.

“And we know some of you have fought for it, sometimes you have followed causes that turned out to be lost causes, but you have not given up. You simply said well I think my part in this story is over, let it continue the way others want it to go and then you go on the correct path,” Muntu said.

In their resolution, the grand People’s Coalition will have three structures, a pentagon on the top, secretariat in the middle and the legal at the bottom.

And Membership to this entity will be entitled a political party, citizens transformation, eminent persons, students among others.