Minister Anite threatens
Minister Anite vows to name and shame the Mafias as Koboko District cries out to God for her protection. File Photo

 “We have the majje”: State Minister for Investment and the Koboko Municipality legislator, Evelyn Anite has threatened to name and shame all the Mafias in government

Following death threat directed towards the State Minister for Investment and the Koboko Municipality legislator, Evelyn Anite by the Mafias, people in Koboko District organised a prayer service to pray to God seeking Anite’s protection.

The prayer service that was attended by hundreds of her kinsmen yesterday on Friday 23 of August at Koboko Boma grounds, comes shortly after Anite declared in a press conference that her life is under threats by the mafias. 

Amidst tight security checks including handwashing before accessing the grounds, leaders condemned the threats directed towards Minister Anite.

According to leaders from West Nile, Anite’s resolution to fight for the truth and her diligent service to this country, should not be intercepted by this worrisome threat over her life by some individuals who think they are more powerful than institutions and the people of Uganda.

However, Anite who arrived in a convoy well-guarded to join the prayer service asking God to protect her life vowed to name and shame the Mafias whom she accused of hurting the country.

“I will live! I am going to live and these people they will not kill me. In any case, I’ve gotten the best shield and that’s the shield from Christ. I am going back from West Nile, from Koboko more energised to fight again, don’t fear, there’s a lot of corruption I know them! and you will hear me again saying and I will say it. I will say it!” Anite said.

“I will name the names because we know them as people say Choma Yotte, I will Choma Yotte! Please join me to Choma Yotte. Ugandans let us Choma Yotte,” Anite stated.

Anite said some top government officials are potential candidates to hell because they have no respect for God and they think they are above God.

“And this lady came out and she started fighting, while she’s fighting and she said you, you are corrupt and I am tired of your corruption. Can you stop grabbing land from the people? One of the people when they came in the Plenary, in the panel when this lady called them, he said I don’t care even if you report me to God! Go and report. Now the man who even does not fear that they are going to report him to God is destined to hell. Original candidate to hell! God will not even sympathise with such a person because you cannot run away and say I don’t care! I will not fear God, go and report me to God. Really! Can you imagine we have Ugandans of that kind,” Anite

Anite also said that they have the full support of President Museveni in the fight against corruption because he’s also fed up of these corrupt officials.

“We have the support of President Museveni! Nobody should deceive you that he’s corrupt. Nobody should change you my people of West Nile! Because he told me I know them we are going to deal with them. He’s very patient! But I want to tell you that he’s as patient as our God,” Anite stated.

Meanwhile, the people of West Nile vowed to keep on their knees praying for Anite’s protection, but if at all anything happens to her the warriors are ready to face the mafias.

Relatedly, Nathan Nandala Mafabi, Budadiri West County legislator and Theodore Ssekikubo, Lwemiyaga County legislator reacting to Anite’s assassination threats attributed it to lawlessness in the country. 

“To show that now Mafias exist, it has now become a country which is running not on laws. Other people follow laws but their others who are part of the dictatorship up, they don’t follow,” Nandala said.

Ssekikubo says the current state in the country including the deaths threats to not only Anite but other high profile individuals including Catherine Bamugemereire sends bigger signals on the state of crimes in the nation. Because some people want to operate above the law without anyone touching them.

“The question of Mafia! You can’t say it’s an individual, but it’s systemic malice in the governance of this country. Where you have people who want to operate above the law,” What am saying is that once there’s a reign of Mafias all is there to be captured, including the Head of State.” Ssekikubo noted.