West Nile MPs Minister Evelyn Anite
State Minister for Investment, Evelyn Anite’s outcry has got West Nile MPs concerned. File photo

West Nile MPs threaten to leave Uganda together with their voters if at all anything happens to their girl Minister Anite

Following the State Minister for Investment, Evelyn Anite’s outcry of a planned move to kill her by Uganda’s Mafias, West Nile MPs have threatened to leave this country together with their people if at all Anite’s life is ended.

“Anything that happens to Evelyn Anite, we will resign from this Parliament, go back to West Nile, pick our people and leave this country. And see how we are going to return to this country,” Alioni Odria, Aringa South legislator (IND) said.

Odria adds that they have been quiet for long and it is now time to act and face the Mafias.

“If they are Mafias! we from West Nile we are also Warriors. Only that we’ve been quiet and it’s now enough! So, Mafias will face themselves with Warriors then we see the winner,” Odria noted.

The West Nile MPs unveiled their planned move if at all anything happens to Anite at a press conference held yesterday in Kampala.

However, after the briefing, the West Nile MPs headed straight to parliament and presented their submission before parliament.

But Speaker Rebecca Kadaga who chaired the session rejected their submission despite the plea saying it’s a mere say.

She, however, asked Minister Anite to come and present the alleged threats against her life before parliament or to her directly.

“Let her come present her issues here,” said Kadaga. Caucus is an informal caucus! Let Hon Anite come and tell us or else she can report to me. Because we don’t know let her come to me my mouth is open.”

Nevertheless, West Nile Caucus Chairperson, Lawrence Biyika Songa informed journalists at parliament that government should come out immediately and address the life-threatening allegations against Anite before the worst happens.

He says they are not ready to lose someone again after Abiriga who had raised a complaint on related claims.

“Arising from the gruesome murder of the late Hon. Abiriga whose death remains unaccounted for to date; our attention is drawn to similar deaths threats to Hon. Anite Evelyn about her demand for accountability at UTL,” Biyika said.

Biyika relatedly demanded an explanation from the government on why Anite’s life is under threat, pronounce it stands regarding her security and also address Ugandans on the state of affairs in UTL and status of UTL assets.

“Government should come out and guarantee that no Ugandan irrespective of their tribe and affiliation should be vindicated and witch-hunted when performing their duties including demanding accountability,” Biyika noted.

Meanwhile, Police Spokesperson, Fred Enanga says the matter is under police custody and investigations already commenced. 

“Our intelligence component managed to come up with a report which they have forwarded to the Director of Criminal Investigation (CID),” Enanga said.

The turn of the event follows Minister Anite’s statements she made earlier on Monday 19 August before journalists that Mafias are planning to remove her out of Uganda Telecom issues and kill her.

“The plan by the mafias is to take me out of the picture, I might die but history will judge them, you know the mafias, they are the ones who have been blocking the audit,” Anite informed journalists.

“There is a cartel that is used to intimidating and robbing this country, they are yet again plotting a move to kill me, they have been holding meetings in various offices at Kampala Club, in the office of Uganda Registration Service Bureau.”

However, Anite says, she will not stop fighting to save UTL and exposing the bad elements in government despite the threats by mafias against her life.

“Those mafias are not jokers. Go and ask Abiriga. I will die with my mouth open, I will die while shouting the mafias are coming until they take me down. They are tapping my phone; I hear their voices when I pick my phone.”