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Mafias want to end my life over UTL – Minister Evelyn Anite
Evelyn Anite, State Minister for Privatisation and Investment says Mafias are in a plan to remove her out. File Photo

Evelyn Anite, State Minister for Privatisation and Investment says Mafias are in a plan to remove her out of Uganda Telecom issues and end her life.

However, says she will never stop fighting to save Uganda Telecom and exposing the bad elements in government despite the life-threatening threats against her life.

“The plan by the Mafias is to take Anite out of the picture, I might die but history will judge them. You know the Mafias, they are the ones who have been blocking the audit,” Minister Anite said.

“These Mafias are not jokers. Go and ask Abiriga. I will die with my mouth open, I will die while shouting the Mafias are coming until they take me down. They are tapping my phone, I hear their voices when I pick my phone,” Anite said.

Minister Evelyn Anite made the remarks in a press meeting she held Monday morning at the Ministry of Finance offices in Kampala.

It’s reported that last week a whistleblower petitioned the IGG, to instruct an inquiry into the alleged secret booking arranged by Minister Evelyn Anite in the US via France to Mauritius to meet the potential investors of UTL.

However, Anite says she has no connection with the Mauritius company neither ever been in Mauritius as alleged in the petition and said the whole thing was planned by the Mafias.

“I have no relationship with Mauritius Telecom Company. The report by financial intelligence is what prompted me to support them. My name has been tarnished but I have to continue fighting for the truth,” Anite said.

Anite says her concern is to have UTL audited, as High Court in Kampala had commanded two weeks back to have it audited within 30 days following president Museveni’s orders.

“My issue is that the telecom has to be saved, whether Abimanya is in or out. I have struggled to save that company three times, the first time we argued with attorney generals, they said we must liquidate it. Private lawyers argued the case against liquidation, and we won,” Anite stated.

And now UTL company is under audit which began last week on Thursday the 16 of August 2019.

Keith Muhakanizi, the secretary to the treasury on August 2, 2019, instructed Mr Twebaze Bemanya, not to avail the accounts books to Fixon Okony, the ministry’s internal auditor general trying to block an audit into the company.

In May 2017, UTL was put under administration when the Libyan company that had 69% shares left after the company failed to manage its debt it had accumulated amounting to 700bn shillings.

While in January, Teleology Holdings Ltd was chased away by the government after it failed to make payments amounting to 268 billion within three months after Uganda awarded them the contract of taking over UTL as agreed upon by the two parties in the agreement.