Frank Gashumba on Bobi Wine
Frank Gashumba says Bobi Wine can’t be the next president of Uganda

Ugandans have been argued to use their National Identity Cards (Ndagamuntu) to join productive SACCOs, instead of thinking that they will unseat president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni off the presidential seat through the ballot.

Frank Gashumba, a motivational speaker in Uganda says People Power Pressure Group is good for those who will aspire for Member of Parliament seat, but not for the presidency as Bobi Wine original name Robert Kyagulanyi’s ambitions are.

Bobi Wine is the Kyadondo East legislator and the People Power leader who recently unveiled his plans to stand for presidency come 2021 general elections.

However, Frank Gashumba says Bobi Wine’s campaign to have Ugandans register to acquire ‘Ndagamuntu’ for them to be able to vote in 2021 is not a threat to President Museveni, because he’s not in power because of votes but it’s because of a gun.

“Bobi Wine’s influence is going to produce many MPs in the next elections, that isn’t debatable; majority because people are tired of this sick regime,” Gashumba said.

“President Museveni isn’t in Power because of a ballot but simply because of a gun, which was his means of power grab in 1986. And he has managed to keep his grip on power by use of the same means.”

Gashumba says the reason why Bobi Wine cannot be the next Uganda president is that Dr Besigye defeated president Museveni thrice, but he is not the president today.

And so what happened to Besigye will again happen to Bobi Wine in 2021 presidential ballot.

“Dr Besigye has successfully defeated Museveni 3 times but he’s not in Statehouse, it will happen again in 2021,” said Gashumba. “People power should tell me one tricks they are going to use in 2021. UPDF, Uganda Police, Uganda Prisons all serve Museveni. Museveni can jail you in any prison he wants anywhere in Uganda as he did to Besigye,” said Gashumba. 

In his view, Gasumba says president Museveni can do anything in his powers today. He, however, asked Ugandans to use their ‘Ndagamuntu to fight poverty’ in their households instead of changing regime.

“Use your ‘Ndagamuntu’ to join SACCOs somewhere and get a loan. But if you think ‘Ndagamuntu can unseat Museveni, you are dreaming,” Gashumba said.

Nevertheless, Gashumba says he truly loves Bobi Wine more than those politicians close to him, because he doesn’t have any political goal like them who want to use him to attain their political ambitions.

“Those people you see with Bobi Wine and those who go to his home in Magere, don’t think they love him no! they move with him because he’s famous and has a ladder to tally them to parliament, their opportunists, they will even stop picking his phone calls after reaching in parliament.”