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Mao asked Minister Anite
Crying will not stop the mafias from taking your life, resign and join DP – Mao tells Anite

State Minister for Investment, Evelyn Anite has been urged to stop crying and panicking following death threats from Mafias, but instead, make up her life and cross to opposition to make a joint force against the mafias in government.

Addressing journalists on Tuesday 20 August at the Democratic Party (DP) offices in Kampala during the weekly press meeting, Mao asked Minister Anite to join them in the struggle to bring change in this country and fight the mafias in government jointly.

“She has also discovered that the NRM has its owners. We have been speaking about mafias and state capture, fortunately, the truth has arrived at the doorsteps of Hon Evelyn Anite,” Mao said.

“We ask Ms Anite to resign! because she is not a soldier, and nobody should stop her from resigning because crying will not stop the so-called mafias from getting her,” Mao added.

Mao says late Kirumira was killed even after making a public outcry that mafias are after his life. Mao adds that’s this mafia group in Uganda is shameless and merciless, they are not scared of killing people.

“This mafia kind of politics is what we call the politics of commission. Getting money out of a transaction involving the Ugandan government. I warn the so-called mafias that they cannot kill everybody and time will come when their government will come to an end,” Mao stated.

He also said that Anite will keep on lamenting since she is not a historical NRM Member.

“People who fought in the NRM bush war don’t lament. It’s Rebecca Kadaga who laments about the members of the mafia because she is not a member of the bush war link. Prof Gilbert Bukenya, former Vice President laments because he’s not a member of the bush war link,” Mao noted.

Mao relatedly, said DP wants a forensic audit of Uganda Telecom (UTL), rejecting it’s sale to private investors.

According to Mao, government should find a strategic partner to take up UTL’s management, because Ugandans need a telecom company of its own.

He further asked Anite to stop crying, because the time Ugandans cried to stop the constitutional amendment that thought to remove the Presidential Age Limit in 2017, Anite did not care about the humiliation and harassment they suffered.

Anite says the mafias wants her dead because she had blocked their plans in UTL by insisted on transparency in the liquidation of UTL

She says her concern is to have UTL audited, which commenced already last week on Thursday 16, August 2019 following President Museveni’s orders.

“My issue is that the telecom has to be saved, whether Abimanya is in or out. I have struggled to save that company three times, the first we argued with Attorney Generals, they said we must liquidate it. Private lawyers argued the case against liquidation, and we won,” Anite said.