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DP Bloc: Democratic Party to hold mobilisation re-union in Luweero District

Democratic Party ( DP Bloc) to hold mobilisation re-union in Luweero District

In the strategy of overthrowing the ruling NRM government by the Democratic Party (DP Bloc), senior officials have begun mobilising People in Greater Luweero to implement their plans.

Former presidential candidate and the president of People’s Development Party, Dr Abed Bwanika said that DP Bloc is organising a reunion scheduled for 8th August 2019 expecting 60,000 participants at Kasana playground in Luweero Town Council.

Bwanika says Luweero has a traceable DP history, though NRM government considers it to be their base, which has to be waked up through vigorous strategies.

“The NRM regime claims that Luweero is their political Mecca but there’s nothing to show more than 30 years after capturing power.Our mobilisation for the greater Luweero DP reunion is to rally the youthful population to do dislodge the NRM regime from power. Luwero, Nakaseke, Nakasongola and Kayunga Districts should champion the exit of the NRM party from power.”

Bwanika made the remarks at the launch of DP reunion mobilisation committee last week in Luweero.

The planned DP Bloc re-union expects members from Forum for Democratic Party (FDC), Justice Forum, Uganda People’s Congress (UPC), Conservative Party (CP), People Power Pressure Group and Alliance for National Transformation (ANT).

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Samuel Lubega, one of the Uganda Young Democrats founding members says the planned DP Bloc will prove that Museveni no longer has support in Luweero.

“We believe that the re-union will be a springboard for DP to re-assert its presence in an area that has not changed much in terms of development despite the NRM party declaration that Luweero is their cradle land. The NRM will have to find their position after the re-union,” Bwanika said.

DP chairperson Luweero District, Erasto Kibirige said DP can still rise and shine again because it has a traceable background in Luweero.

“We are talking about a re-union which means that the Democratic Party is not among the young political parties but a party with the traceable background. Many of the founding fathers of the democratic systems in Uganda, including Ignatius Musaazi, were from Luweero area,” he said.

Moses Ntege, DP supporter and a resident of Bamunanika Sub-county said that DP Bloc should lay down stronger strategies and policies that include registering more people into the party than organising political crusades that will be disorganised by security.

“I remain a stronger member of DP but I doubt some of the strategies and policies that our bosses are applying to revive the party which has lost support. Including its former glory in the Luweero area,” Ntege said.

NRM spokesperson, Rogers Mulindwa said the DP mobilisation strategy has the porous foundation and it will soon meet its downfall, adding that Bwanika is a political failure who is now looking for public attention.

“NRM remains firm on the ground after capturing from the opposition some of the political offices that had fallen back to the opposition. Including that of the district Woman MP and that of the Luweero Town Council chairperson,” Mulindwa said.

“Uganda is moving forward but Dr Bwanika and group want to hook wink people in Luweero that the situation is like it was 40 years ago which is not true. The NRM is growing stronger in Luweero, which possibly explains why the opposition is not existing across the entire greater Luweero region,” Mulindwa added.

Besides this upcoming reunion, DP held others re-union at Mukono, Masaka, Makerere University and Gulu Districts and still expects to hold more in Kasese, Mbarara, Arua and Lira Districts.