How Pastor Aloysius Buggingo
Pastor Aloysius Buggingo is a Ugandan pastor. Photo/Salt Media Uganda

Pastor Aloysius Bugingo is a Ugandan pastor and a businessman pastoring a church named House of Prayer Ministries International also called Canaan land, located in Makerere Kikoni, a Kampala suburb close to Bwaise.

Pastor Aloysius Bugingo was born in Masaka and grew up with his maternal grandparents where he lived together with his Uncles and Aunties after his mother left to Rwanda to stay with her husband that’s Bugingo’s father.

Because his father was from Rwanda while his mother was a Muganda from Masaka and his father had returned to his native land.

So, leaving him behind with his grandmother was because he was always sick and his mother could not manage him, because everyone thought he was going to die.

His grandmother promised Bugingo’s mother that she will take care of his grandson.

His grandmother tried her best and after a long time he got healed, grew up as a normal child by the grace of God.


His Uncle blocked his education that’s why he never studied up to the highest level of education.

He used to ill-talk him before his parents (grandparents), he calls them parents because they raised him ever since he was still a small baby and he knew them as his parents not until his Uncle told him there are not your parents, as an insult on him always.

Bugingo has a certificate in Christian Culture Mentor-ship which he attained on the 28th of June 2019 from Kayiwa International University.

Pastor Aloysius Buggingo finally graduates. File photo
Pastor Aloysius Bugingo finally graduates. File photo

Upon graduation, he was awarded for his excellence and enormous contribution towards the development of the Pentecostal church in Uganda and he was the best student of the year.

Bugingo’s life in the City of Kampala

In his teens, Bugingo left home (Masaka) and came to Kampala using army vehicle. He had no one to come to in the city, but he was running away from persecution and mistreatment he was facing at home from his Uncle because he was tired then.

His Uncle made life difficult for him while in Masaka to the extent of Bugingo wanting to end his life but he was afraid of one thing, dying and end up in Satan’s hands (hell).   

His Uncle used to insult him over his tribe, and always told him a dog was better than him among other insults, making him out of place, rejected and isolated.

Bugingo could do all the work at home his or not his including feeding cattle in the fields all day, all under his Uncle’s command.

After reaching Kampala city, he was dropped at Shoprite but then it was a bush. He had nowhere to go, and he thought he would end up on the streets.

Luckily, God did not allow it to happen, when he sat somewhere he got some immediate friends and started conversing, then one of them asked him his whereabouts and he told him he was looking for a job.

The friend told him that there’s someone he knows who need a worker and Bugingo was directed to the man. His name is Godfrey Ssentongo who still lives.

Ssentongo offered Bugingo work at his house and that day he was taken home, that’s how he escaped sleeping on the streets of Kampala city.

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He began working as a House Boy at Ssentongo’s house, he was quite a good boy and his boss liked him because he worked diligently and made sure that he delivers the best service to his boss.

He worked as a House Boy for some time, and then later Bugingo was elevated to another level, Ssentongo gave him another work of making and selling pop cons at Owino market which he did well.

Bugingo worked for Ssentongo for some good time and after saving some amount of money, he started his own business of hawking around Kampala city.

He moved to Kazo a Kampala suburb next to Bwaise and rented a single small room, one of Kampala slums. Bugingo began hawking in the city trading in different household items and ladies’ dressings.

Marriage life

In the early 90s, he started living with Teddy Naluswa as his wife, Life was hard with insufficient necessities, sometimes they could go without proper meals.

“We used to eat fried cassava and beans soup because it was what I could afford to buy. I used to tell the seller that I only need soup because I wanted to get enough for the two of us” but they kept moving by the Grace of God.

How he became a born again Christian

In 1992, Bugingo got saved at KPC present-day Watoto church on Christmas eve. They had gone to watch a popular Christian film titled “Heaven’s Gates and Hell’s Flames” with his girlfriend Teddy Naluswa.

They opted to go to watch that movie at KPC because it was free of charge, they had no money to go for a dance and other circular cinema halls.

In the process of watching the movie, Bugingo got spirit-filled. And when the movie ended pastor Garis Kinnar called out whoever wants to accept and take Jesus as his saviour, Bugingo did not hold back and pastor Garis Kinnar prayed for him together with the others who decided to get saved.

However, Bugingo’s decision left his wife in despair, Teddy was shuttered to see that her husband had gotten saved, she didn’t like anything to do with Born Again Faith.

Disagreements began between the two lovers right from KPC to home, and it lasted for some good time.

Teddy thought of living her husband who had turned Born Again but at that time they had their firstborn child Doreen Gift Bugingo very young still.

According to Teddy, she wanted to raise her daughter past infancy stage and she leaves her marital home.

She stayed at Bugingo’s house only because of the child, divisions and fights turned up in their house because Bugingo got saved.

But after some time, Teddy believed and gave her life to Christ and settled in her marriage to raise their children together.

Bugingo starts serving at Victory Christian Centre Ndeeba as a Pastor

When impact FM a Christians Station owned by Dr Joseph Sserwadda based in Ndeeba a Kampala suburb started broadcasting live on air, Bugingo began listening to the station programmes especially prayer programmes.

He participated actively in these programmes through making phone calls. Bugingo became popularly known by impact listeners.

A time came for listeners to have a leader, and all of them voted for Bugingo. He was called to the station offices to be allocated tasks.

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Bugingo started working as a church assistant, organising the church, leading worship and praise, he worked diligently to the satisfaction of his bosses.

However, he was a prayerful man who loved God passionately and worked with all his heart in God’s House.

After some time, Dr Joseph Sserwadda the lead Pastor at Victory Christian Centre Ndeeba where Bugingo served, saw how hardworking this young man was, and appointed him a Pastor.

Pastor Sserwadda and other church leaders started nurturing him to see him grow as a minister of God. Indeed, he grew spiritually and became the most loved preacher at Victory church.

In addition to his ministry as a pastor, Pastor Aloysius Bugingo was given other tasks at the radio station. He started moderating faith-based programmes at Impact FM like “Manya Kyokiriza” which was broadcasted live on Sunday from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm and others.

He served at Victory Christian Centre church and Impact FM for quite a good time until December 31 2010, when he resigned but pastor Sserwadda did not endorse his resignation Bugingo just rebelled and went away.

His last ministry at Victory was at Namboole Passover overnight, prayer service held each year as the world says goodbye to the old year and welcome in the new year.

Pastor Aloysius Bugingo starts House of Prayer Ministry International

After breaking up with Pastor Joseph Sserwadda in December 2010, Pastor Bugingo and his wife Teddy Bugingo began a church named House of Prayer Ministries International (HPMI).

Their ministry started at Bat Valley Theatre, that’s where they conducted their daily and Sunday services.

Bugingo says God sent him to preach the gospel to all human flesh both believers and non-believers (abalokole na abatalibalokole), with scripture reference in Jeremiah 32: 27. 

HPMI started growing and assumed thousands and thousands of followers in the shortest time after Salt FM was born in 2014.

Bugingo’s congregation increased day by day as well as listenership on Salt Radio especially lunchtime Prayer Services that includes his popularity. His preaching used to touch many souls, comfort and many got saved, healed and delivered from the bondage they were in.

A time came when church members could not fit in the theatre and they rented out Bat Valley Primary School playground for people to fit in the service.

Still, the number could not fit especially during the church’s big events, Bat Valley turned small for his followers. The growing number of his church members inspired Bugingo to search for a big piece of land to be home for HPMI.

In his preaching, Bugingo used to attack fellow Pastor for robbing their church members, and this is where enmity and hatred for him from other pastors began, leaving him alone with only those Pastors serving in his church.

Accusations’ and counter-accusations erupted between Bugingo and other pastors in the city which lasted till today, as a result of his preaching that’s centred on tarnishing their character which has made followers shun their churches and flock to his church.

Pastor Aloysius Bugingo’s projects

Besides HPMI, Bugingo established a radio station and that’s Salt FM in 2014 money raised by church members while at Bat Valley and today Salt FM has several sister stations through the country. 

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Later on, in 2015, Salt Television was established airing on different digital platforms and currently moving to DSTV.


Pastor Aloysius Bugingo is married to Teddy Bugingo and together they have four (4) children, three (3) girls that’s Doreen Gift Bugingo, Winnie Bugingo, Jenifer Bugingo and one (1) boy named Miracle Bugingo.

Pastor Aloysius Buggingo, wife Teddy Buggingo marriage on rock. File photo
Pastor Aloysius Bugingo, wife Teddy Bugingo marriage on rock. File photo

However, recently pastor Bugingo’s marriage started making headlines on Uganda’s news outlets after the two opened up their misunderstandings to the public.

saFirst his wife Teddy Bugingo stopped attending church leaving followers wondering where she had gone.

One-day Pastor Aloysius Bugingo opened it to the church congregation that his wife Teddy and his Daughter Doreen Gift Bugingo wanted to steal the church land.

“This land does not belong to me, my wife or even my children. This is church land. My wife can go hang.”

From there, he accused his wife and daughter of being part of the group that’s working hard to fail his ministry and construction of the pentagon church ever since the plan was unveiled.

This shocked church members leaving them wondering what has happened to the family. Bugingo continued to inform the church that Teddy said for her to grant him a divorce, she has to get a share on the church land.

Adding that his wife has ever been against the transparency he exercises at church, declaring the full amount of money collected in the church especially Canaan land purchase funds.

“My wife was for long uncomfortable with me for declaring full accountability during the Bat Valley fundraising that resulted in raising of $2.5m which purchased Canaan land Church (HPMI).”

Bugingo faces the law

Pastor Aloysius Bugingo began teaching about the missing Bible verses in the Good News Bibles and King James bibles that refer to Holy Spirit as Holy Host.

In his teaching about it, he asked Christians to stop reading the Bible because it was misleading Christians. He, however, encouraged Christians to instead buy and read King James Version but after thorough check out to see that every verse is present and the Holy Spirit is Holy Spirit Not Holy Ghost.

In Bugingo’s view, a ghost cannot be holy meaning any Bible referring to the Holy Spirit as Holy Ghost is satanic. Times passed by and one-day Bugingo declared burning of the wrong Bibles, he said he was going to set ablaze and destroy them.

I am not sure whether it happened or not because after he was sued in courts of law, he denied the accusation. He said he was not referring to the physical fire but rather spiritual fire.

Social media platform showed fire consuming the bibles and it made people believe that he burnt the Bibles at HPMI church.

Bugingo was sued at Nabweru Magistrates Court in 2017 by a concerned Christians, Aloysius Kizza Matovu and Evangelist Francisco Semugooma for burning of Bibles, a case he won.

The presiding Judge said the accusers failed to produce solid evidence pinning Bugingo to have burnt the Bibles, and even the fire they showed consuming the Bibles did not indicate him anywhere.