museveni gives Deputy IGP Sabiiti
Deputy IGP Sabiiti (L) given two days to come up with ways on how to curb burglary and armed robberies in the city. File Photo

Deputy IGP Sabiiti given two days to come up with ways on how to curb burglary and armed robberies in the city

As burglary and armed robberies in homes particularly Kampala Metropolitan Police area increase in the country, President Museveni has given two days to the Deputy IGP, Maj Gen Steven Sabiiti to come up with measures, on how to curb the crime.

In a social media post, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni described the criminals as pigs, whose crimes will only credit the National Resistance Movement (NRM), after they defeat them.

He says the gang stars are easy to defeat because the people have already known their bankruptcy and the criminality of these groups and those powering them.

“Greetings to all of you. I have been moving to Addis Ababa, Juba, Jinja etc. today, I am busy with the cabinet. In a few days, I will get time to respond to your earlier responses. However, for today, I will only comment on the pigs that are attacking people with pangas and mitayimbwa (steel-bars) and robbing them. These are gangs we shall easily defeat. That is what we did with the Kiddawalime gang in Masaka, the gang of Bukomero, the gang of Entebbe etc.,” President Museveni said.

According to President Museveni, after Maj Sabiiti draws up the plan, he will then give his view on the plan and then later be issued to Ugandans.

“I have given two days to commander Sabiiti of the Police to come out with a plan to combat these gangs. The IGP is away in Peru for a meeting, I will look at that plan, comment on it and it will, then, be communicated to all of you.”

museveni Deputy IGP Sabiiti
President Museveni on keeping Kampala crime free.

Police says the group comprises of 4-7 robbers, armed with machetes, housebreaking implements and at times firearms which they use to raid homes and leave with money, cars and other home equipment’s.

High burglaries attacks are reportedly said to be around Kasangati, Kajjansi, Bwebajja, Kira, Lungujja, and Wakiso.

The recent attack happened yesterday Monday 14, October 2019, at 3:20 am in Mukono District, Seeta village, Kasangati Municipality.

Crispus Mugabi, a Uganda Revenue Authority worker was the victim. It’s reported that five robbers armed with machetes and housebreaking implements attacked his house and ran away with laptops, appliances, his vehicle, 2m shillings, and mobile phones.

But later on, Police recovered his vehicle at Ring Road in Kampala City, after engaging two suspects that occupied it.

“One suspect was shot, but he managed to flee the scene and he is hiding while another surrendered. Two of his accomplices were arrested. We are looking for another two suspects,” Kampala Metropolitan Police Deputy spokesperson, Luke Owoyesigyire said.

Owoyesigyire adds that police have intensified their operations and intelligence at the lowest level, as a result of increased burglary and housebreakings in the city.

“In most cases where there has been early reporting, we have been able to apprehend the suspects and recovered stolen items. It is our prayer that people report as soon as the crime has happened, to enable us to send response team in time.”

He also said many victims report cases late when the crime scene has already been tampered with, which becomes a challenge to trace the criminals.

President Museveni’s remarks follow worries portrayed by Residents in Kampala Metropolitan area, following rampant incidents of burglary and armed robberies in Kampala City homes.