Hoima District Woman MP
Two NRM candidates won the election race against their opposition contestants from FDC party. Photo/Nile Post

Kaabong and Hoima District Woman MP by-elections were won by the ruling NRM Party candidates, in the elections that happened yesterday the 26th September 2019.

The two NRM candidates won both Kaabong and Hoima Woman District MP election race against their opposition contestants from the Forum for Democratic Party (FDC).

MS Harriet Businge of NRM won the Hoima Woman District MP seat against Ms Asanansi Nyakato of FDC with 33,301 votes, and Nyakato obtained only 28,789 votes, rolling her out of the race.

Mr Douglas Matsiko, the Returning Officer for Hoima District, declaring the results of the election announced that 62,090 were the total number of valid votes cast for all candidates, and 1,690 votes were regarded invalid.

6,3780 was the total number of ballot papers counted and 123 turned out to be spoilt papers.

“Accordingly! as Returning Officer for Hoima District and in accordance with section 58(1) of the Parliamentary Elections Act, 2005, I declare Harriet Businge who has obtained the largest number of votes, to be the elected candidate for District Woman representative to Parliament, Hoima District,” Matsiko announced on Friday morning.

While in Kaabong District Woman MP by-elections, Christine Tubo Nakwang of NRM won the race with 22,532 votes against Judith Nalibe Adyaka of FDC who only obtained 1,692 votes.

In total, the number of ballot papers counted was 26,189.

Declaring the election results, the Kaabong District Electoral Returning Officer, Mr Julius Ongom announced 24,224 ballots as the total number of valid votes cast for the candidates.

However, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni after getting the results of the election rushed to his tweeter handle and congratulated the two NRM contestants of Kaabong and Hoima District Woman MP upon their victory in this race.

“Congratulations to my daughters, Businge Harriet Mugenyi (Hoima) and Tubo Christine Nakwang (Kaabong) for their victories in the parliamentary by-elections held yesterday. I congratulate the NRM structure in the two districts for doing a good job and delivering these victories,” Museveni said via his tweeter handle.

Kaabong and Hoima District Woman MP seat, turned vacant after their representatives left the positions to represent the newly created districts that began its official duties on 1st July 2019

Hoima District was formerly occupied by Tophas Kaahwa who opted out to go and represent Kikuube District and Lilyy Akello, former Kaabong District Woman MP decided to leave, to go represent Karenga District.

Nonetheless, Nalibe had earlier on opted out of the election race. She wrote a letter addressed to Electoral Commission (EC) indicating her withdraw from the race, but her request was rejected by the party that nominated her, and that’s FDC Party.

But her name yesterday appeared on the ballot paper because she was nominated by her Party, although she had threatened to sue EC, if at all her name appears on the ballot paper.

Commenting on Nalibe’s withdraw from the race, Chairperson Electoral Commission, Justice Simon Byabakama earlier on when tasked by the Legal and Parliamentary Committee to explain circumstances surrounding Nalibe’s withdraw, informed the Committee that EC cannot process her withdrawal without a confirmation letter signed by the party which sponsored her in this race.

“A Party which sponsored the candidature has not signed and filed the said notification, now as a result, as Electoral Commission our hands are tied. Her withdraw is not complete, unless and until it’s endorsed and signed by the political party that sponsored her,” Byabakama argued.