Singer Winifred Nakanwagi alias Winnie Nwagi
Singer Winifred Nakanwagi alias Winnie Nwagi wanted by Police over assault and malicious damage. Photo/Facebook

Singer Winifred Nakanwagi alias Winnie Nwagi explains why she beat up her ill house girl Scovia

Singer Winifred Nakanwagi alias Winnie Nwagi is set to face the court hearing after it was confirmed yesterday that she beat up her house help, Scovia for alleged leaving home without consent.

While responding to the question of why she was beaten, Scovia said that Nwagi beat her up because she left home to go to the hospital with her gym water bottle.

She added that Nwagi called her while she was in hospital demanding that she (Scovia) sends pictures to prove her word.

Scovia who does not have a smartphone added that she was supposed to use the doctor’s phone to take pictures and send through WhatsApp.

“I was on the way home when she called. She jumped from the hospital talk to asking about her water bottle which I had carried,” said Scovia adding that she had also asked for permission from Nwagi before going to the hospital.

According to Scovia, Nwagi is a violent person feared by everyone in the neighbourhood for her ill manners, the reason no one came to her rescue when she was being beaten.

She added that Nwagi has been paying her Shs100,000 per month, however, her disrespect was beyond measure.

“She landed on me and started beating me, but everyone there fears her so they would hear me wail and call for help but no one came. Only one woman shouted from her house and said ‘Winnie you will kill the woman, please stop” Scovia implied.

“Winnie has been paying me on time but her work is extreme, she comes with her celebrity friends who stay home for the whole week. During the time, I must wash all their clothes and cook for them, yet they dictate (with disrespect) the time the food should be ready,” she added.

In a further interview, Scovia said that she wants Nwagi to pay for all her lost and spoilt property adding that she lost Shs200,000 in the process while her phone and radio were also broken by the singer.

“I want her to refund my money which got lost, plus she should pay my radio, phone and cover my medical expenses,” she said.

However, Nwagi accepted that she beat up her maid but refuted claims of the missing money adding that Scovia was also not beaten for the reasons she cites.

“I know where and why I beat her, let her not confuse people,” she said.

According to the Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Luke Oweyisigyire, the case was reported by Scovia to them but they are awaiting the musician’s statement.

“We have not yet received a statement from the singer. We don’t know what led to the disagreement,” Owoyesiguire said.

By John Dalton Kigozi