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Court calls off hearing bail application for Nyanjura and Adeke in Luzira
Nyanjura was arrested on Monday along with Anna Adeke, the Soroti Woman Member of Parliament, and four other women activists while protesting against the detention of political activist Kizza Besigye.

A court at the Law Development Centre has requested more time to revise the details of the bail application for Doreen Nyanjura, Kampala’s deputy lord mayor, and five other female activists.

The court at the Law Development Centre has asked for more time to revise details in the bail application for the Kampala deputy lord mayor Doreen Nyanjura and five other women activists.

Nyanjura together with the Soroti Woman Member of Parliament, Anna Adeke and four other women activists were on Monday arrested while protesting against the detention of political activist Kizza Besigye.

The Former presidential candidate was earlier detained in Luzira Prison after he refused to pay Sh30 million cash for his bail following his continued protest against skyrocketing prices. 

For weeks, Besigye has been protesting about the increased commodity prices saying that the government has done nothing to suppress the matter.

At Arua park, Besigye had time to address the mob. He was, however, arrested and forced to spend a night at the Naggalama police station. 

Last week, he was brought before the Grade One Magistrate Siena Owomugisha who released him on an shs30 million cash bond which he declined to pay.

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Besigye who opted to be detained said the figure was not only unreasonable but also unfairly issued considering the fact that more damage was caused to him by security operatives because they had placed him under house arrest violating his constitutional right to earn a living.

With this in mind, however, Nyanjura together with the female activists including Margaret Wokuli Madanda, Susan Nanyonjo, Mariam Kizito and Alice Amongi rushed to the streets to demand his immediate release.

These were also arrested and detained in Luzira. On Monday afternoon, they were brought before the LDC court and charged with inciting violence. 

The judge, however, postponed their bail application to Tuesday 31, May 2022, citing a lack of time as it had already clocked at 5 pm.

On Tuesday, the activists were again presented at the LDC court in Kampala and the hearing of their bail application started. 

The prosecution, however, requested more time to study the documents that were presented by the sureties. The magistrate deferred the ruling on their bail and ordered that they remain detained in Luzira prison.

He ordered that they be returned to court on June 7, 2022, for a further hearing of their application.