doreen nyanjura biography
Doreen Nyanjura is a Ugandan politician

Who is Doreen Nyanjura? Flash Uganda Media looks at her biography, age, husband, family, relationship with Sarah Kanyike, Erias Lukwago, Dr Kizza Besigye, early life and education of the current deputy Lord Mayor for Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA).

Doreen Nyanjura is a Ugandan politicianDeputy Lord Mayor for Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) appointed on 18 June 2020 replacing Sarah Kanyike before her reappointment in 2021, after the general elections. 

Concurrently, Nyanjura serves as the elected Local Council 5 (LCV) Woman Councilor representing Makerere University at KCCA. She was first elected to the position in 2016.

Nyanjura is a soft-spoken, shorthaired, fair-skinned beautiful woman whose major aim is to cause a change in Uganda’s political arena and justice for the oppressed.

Early Life and Education

Doreen Nyanjura was born in Fort Portal, Kabarole District in the western region of Uganda to Mr Samson Muhenda who was a school teacher and a deputy headmaster at Nyakasura Junior School. 

She’s the third born in a family of seven siblings. Unfortunately, their parents separated when the children were still young. As a result, they lived with their father and only visited their mother during holidays. 

A mutooro by tribe, Nyanjura skipped middle and top classes and joined Primary One right away, at Nyakasura Junior School where she was elected a class monitor in her P.1 then in P.6, Nyanjura studied for the position of deputy head girl but was defeated.

After attending local schools, Nyanjura joined Kyebambe Girl’s Secondary School, Fort Portal in 2003, from where she obtained her Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE). 

Thereafter, Nyanjura got admitted to Masheruka Girl’s School, in Bushenyi District current Sheema District where she obtained her Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE).

In 2009, Nyanjura got admitted to Makerere University, Uganda’s largest and oldest public university where she graduated with a Bachelor of Tourism, three years later. 

In 2018, Nyanjura got admitted to Makerere University to study for a postgraduate degree of Master of Arts in Public Policy.

Nyanjura started her political activism
Nyanjura started her political activism when she was 12 years old. PHOTO/NEW VISION


Doreen Nyanjura’s political activism began in 2001 when she was 12 years old. She supported Dr Kizza Besigye at the time because it was exciting for her to hear another presidential candidate besides President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

Nyanjura went home with one of Besigye’s posters she had pulled down from where it was pinned and took it home, something that surprised her father. Ever since then, Nyanjura picked interested in knowing more about the person she had liked. 

She began reading newspapers her father brought home daily. Since she was too young to vote, she asked her father to vote for Besigye.

She continued her activism in secondary school, participating in a student protest against certain school prefects and the bad meals students were fed at Kyebambe Girls’ School.

Then at Masheruka Girls School, Nyanjura was elected chairperson of the school council which gave her confidence in her leadership skills. 

As a result, she gained much courage to continue her activism for the FDC party. At the age of 17 while in 2006, Nyanjura began speaking boldly about Besigye at school whenever she got the opportunity. 

FDC was her identity by then since everything she owned preached the party. When she joined Masheruka Girl’s School, she christened herself an FDC preacher, because she always preached about the party.

Then after joining Makerere University, Nyanjura became more active in politics particularly for the FDC party that he found weak at the university contrary to her expectations. She had thought that she would find FDC the strongest party at the university, which was not the case.

There and then Nyanjura began building the party from scratch beginning with her coursemates, the Tourism class and later the entire university was engaged. 

Soon after picking up, FDC officials and the then-president Dr Besigye, Nyanjura’s idol got attracted to Nyanjura’s activities at the oldest university in the country and the largest and gave the group their support.

Her political strength got her a position as the Vice President of Makerere University Guild in her second year in addition to being the secretary FDC Makerere Chapter. 

However, in 2012, Nyanjura was brutally arrested by police at the Constitution Square in Kampala City. She co-authored the book with Ibrahim Bagaya Kisubi they were attempting to launch and was jailed at Luzira Maximum Prison for inciting violence but later released on bail term. 

The book was criticizing the ruling NRM party.

This made her father rethink the advice he had given her daughter while still in Secondary School. Her father had advised Nyanjura to always fight for what is right. This time around he changed his message telling her to stop her involvement in demonstrations for this was worrisome to her father.

He advised Nyanjura to stop political activism not until she completes her studies, and she listened. Then soon after completing her studies, Nyanjura embarked on her political activism this time with the full support of her father who serves as her biggest fun and adviser in some areas.

At the time, she was preparing to launch a book titled “Is It The Fundamental Change”.

Nyanjura engaged herself in various student demonstrations at the university and this attracted the attention of FDC leaders. She built her defiant spirit right from secondary school.

Nyanjura once declined a permanent job offered to her by the Uganda National Social Security Fund (NSSF) and opted to take up a temporary research assignment with opposition politicians at Parliament.

Doreen Nyanjura and Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago 2
Doreen Nyanjura (left) and Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago (right). PHOTO/MONITOR

In 2016, Nyanjura was voted the LCV Woman Representative at KCCA. In February 2020, the FDC political party fronted Doreen Nyanjura as the party’s candidate for KCCA Speaker, a newly created elective position but lost the race to Independent Candidate Abubaker Kawalya.

Following her loss, KCCA Mayor Lukwago appointed her KCCA Secretary for Finance. She served in that capacity till her appointment to serve as the Deputy Mayor KCCA in 2020 and got reappointed in 2021. 

As the Deputy Mayor, Nyanjura’s focus is to relocate street children into rehabilitation homes from where they will be engaged in vocational skills to better their financial statuses.


Doreen Nyanjura is single but has a six years daughter.