Police dog aids arrest of six suspects of the robbery (1)
The police reported that the K9 tracked bananas stolen from one individual's garden.

Using police sniffer dogs, detectives have arrested six robbery suspects and recovered all stolen property.

The police sniffer dogs have aided detectives in the arrest of six suspects of robbery and recovery of all the stolen property.

In a statement dated May 11, the police said the incidents happened in different parts of the country.

They said one incident was in the Serere district where the K9 visited a scene of burglary and theft of salon items after a case was reported at Kamod Police Station. 

Police dog NES was introduced to the scene, trailed for a distance of about half a kilometre and led officers to the house of one suspect identified as Eyoku Fustino.

The police noted that after a thorough search around his entire house, all items that had been stolen from the saloon were recovered.

Another incident was in Kitgum district following a case involving the theft of a battery. The police mentioned that they were led by a sniffer dog to the place where the suspects were hiding.

“It was reported at CPS Kitgum Vide SD Ref: 15/10/05/2022. The team of police officers responded with Police dog Fox and tracked the suspects for about 500 meters away from the scene of the crime to the home of Oyet Bosco and Ojwee,” the police wrote.

The police added that on checking their house, the said battery was found and the suspects were also arrested to aid in further investigations.

Going on, the police explained that the dog aided in settling an incident at Madudu Police Post in Mubende. The police indicated that the K9 responded to the theft of bananas from the garden of one individual.

They revealed the dog tracked down one suspect identified as Kimbogwe and upon search in his residence, they recovered the exhibit from under his bed where they were hidden.

“Still, in Mubende at Nabingola Police Post, a case of theft of coffee from the compound was registered. The police dog Gaza was introduced at the scene and it tracked down a suspect identified as Kiwanuka up to inside his house where the exhibit was recovered.”

“In Kazo district, the police dog aided the arrest of three criminals who were involved in the theft of coffee, slot machines and matooke. All the suspects involved were arrested,” the police added further.