who is Douglas Lwanga
Who is Douglas Lwanga. PHOTO/Twitter

Who is Douglas Lwanga? Flash Uganda Media looks at his biography, early life, education and family of the Purple Party proprietor.

Douglas Lwanga is one of the Ugandan most celebrated television personalities, TV host, radio presenter, graphics animator, event organizer, digital influencer, husband and a father. 

Lwanga became a household name on the Uganda television scene after creating a daily live music show on Record TV Uganda called KATOGO

He currently hosts a musical show called NBS After5 on the Kamwokya based station, NBS Television having a unique touch in interviewing celebrities.

Early Life and Education

Douglas Lwanga was born on 1 May 1984 in Entebbe Wakiso District, Uganda to Robinah Kidandala (mother) and Sam Musoke (RIP). Douglas Lwanga attended St Lawrence schools and Colleges for his O & A Level school. 

From St Lawrence, Lwanga joined Makerere University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Mass-Communication.

Douglas Lwanga – Work and Experience

In the early 2000s, Douglas Lwanga continued to nurture his passion for music and started a dance group called The Exclusives. The group used to mimic dance acts of former boys band singing groups N-sync and Backstreet Boys. 

Despite becoming a television star and producer, Lwanga has had a presence in radio. While at Makerere University in his final year, Douglas Lwanga joined Campus Radio and that’s how he ignited his passion for Radio. 

In 2008, Lwanga Douglas joined Record Television Uganda as a TV Producer.

He was able to excel in Television and 2010 he decided to challenge himself and he started a daily music TV show called KATOGO on Record Television, that later became a household name.

Then in 2013, Lwanga signed a deal with Africa Broadcasting under Nation Media Group (NTV) to host a daily Music Show called The BEAT. This show has hosted a wide range of both local and international artists. 

Among the international guest list on his show includes Davido, Alaine, Konshens, Wiz Kid, Busy Signal, D’banj, Diamond Platnumz, Tiwa Savage, Mafiki Zolo, Sauti Sol, Yemi Alade among others.

Douglas Lwanga joined NBS After5
Douglas Lwanga joined NBS TV on After5 music show.

From NTV, Douglas Lwanga joined NBS, a Kamwokya based TV Station in 2018 where he currently hosts music show titled NBS After5 from 5 pm to 7 pm and Countdown Show on Next Radio from 7 pm to 8 pm also under NXT Media Services.

Lwanga produces TV content that he does distribute on Chano8 digital Magazine, an online magazine as well as Face Television channel. He is now creating a syndicated Radio show that he has called the UG-20 Countdown airing soon on various radio stations.

In 2011, Lwanga joined 97.7 Record Radio while working on Television at the same time. 

Lwanga is also a graphics designer. He now produces TV Commercials ranging from Products, Concerts and various artworks that have aired on most Television Channels in Uganda.

He as well does acting; he says he has featured in some stage performances.

However, Lwanga doesn’t like and hates being called a celebrity.

“I think it all goes back to one’s background and uplifting. The people that we see acting arrogant because they are celebrities is not because the fame got to their heads, but it is because they are raised in a certain kind of way. For me, I want to always be a simple man and that is why I even use my real name because fame cannot change me.”

Lwanga chose media work because he wanted a job where he could be able to dress casually, go to the office for work; he entirely hated formal dress code. 

“During my S6 vacation, I was chatting with my friends and I asked them which course I could study at University but still dress up casually and go to the office and they told me it was Mass Communication. That is what I opted for.”

His first time on TV was not easy at all, it was on Record TV, in his narration, many people bashed at him, they said he was blunt and did not deserve to be on air. They judged the way he presented and dressed, and on numerous occasions, even some people would call in and abuse him.

Lwanga says there were even certain radio presenters who spent their entire shows abusing him, but luckily the same people who used to abuse him then, are the ones praising me today. 

“The fact that I work on television defines my style. I remember one day while I was still on Record TV, a certain lady called in and abused the jacket I was putting on, live on air, yet I thought it was very nice. Since that day, I learnt that television is beyond what you are telling the people but also how you look.”

Regarding his work that’s moving from station to another, Lwanga says he ever looks out for new avenues and opportunities in his career.

“Well, one needs to grow. When you stay in one place for a very long time, you become stagnant and unchallenged, but when you move to somewhere new, it helps you think a little harder and start something new. It is not always easy because you have a fan base used to you being on a certain channel at a particular time, but I have been lucky that wherever I have moved; my shows have been in the same time frame, which has made my audience not to be affected.”

Lwanga says wherever he has been; he learns a new thing in his career. Record TV introduced him to the cameras and taught him confidence, NTV taught him professionalism and NBS is teaching him diversity.

Comparing Radio and TV work, Lwanga says Radio is easy because people are not seeing you while TV is very hectic, because people judge how you look and dress.

Nevertheless, Lwanga warns that when you are a presenter, you don’t need to take sides to keep both your audience and fans.

“I started television when the entertainment industry had a lot of wrangles especially among the big three – Chameleone, Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine – and TV presenters at the time had already taken sides. I figured that when you are working in the media, you speak to a mass audience with different tastes and preferences so when you the presenter take aside, you are going to exclude a certain section of your fan base.”

Other Responsibilities – The Annual Purple Party

Douglas Lwanga is the proprietor of the annual Purple Party event that brings together Ugandans Entertainers and their fans uniting them in a single End of year Party. The event attracts a huge number of music lovers and is graced with nonstop live stage performances all night long.

Douglas Lwanga proprietor of Purple Party
Douglas Lwanga is the proprietor of the annual Purple Party event.

The first segment of the event was held on 22 December, in 2011 and now holds countrywide tours. 

NBS’ Douglas Lwanga is currently the brand ambassador for Champion Bet appointed by Gaming Company, Champion Bet Uganda.

Champion Bet is licensed and regulated by the Uganda National Gaming Board as an online betting majoring in sports alongside their leading online casino.

Lwanga said he joined Champion Bet to add on what it has built.

“I will be headlining activations, charity activities and CRC campaigns countrywide to make sure that people understand the brand even more.”

“I am still working with Next Media and I will continue to present the NBS After5 show and working at NXT Media.”

The ambassadorial deal has no time limit until both parties agree to terminate it.

Awards and Recognition

  • Diva award as the Best DIVA TV host 2011.
  • Best TV Entertainment Host at the 2013 Radio and TV Academy Awards Uganda.
  • Best dressed Male Media Personality of the Year at the Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards 2014.
  • Best Youth TV Host at the Kadanke Youth Awards 2014.
  • Best Male TV Personality Uganda Entertainment Awards 2016.

Lwanga’s Favorite TV Presenters

  • Calvin the Entertainer a UBC music presenter  
  • MC Kats, Lwanga’s co-presenter at NBS TV.

Douglas Lwanga – Family 

Douglas Lwanga got married in December 2010 at the age of 25 to Eunice Nuwamanya 24 and the two have a son, but then separated few years into their marriage.

Douglas Lwanga and Linda Lisa two children
Douglas Lwanga and Linda Lisa have two children together.

Lwanga says he decided to tie a knot at an early age because he felt it was the appropriate time to settle down.

After their separation in 2016, Lwanga entered another relationship with Linda Lisa, the Public Relations Officer of Club Guvnor who he lives with today. 

Lwanga and Linda Lisa have two children; all together Lwanga is a father of three.

As a parent, Lwanga says he has come to understand the kind of sacrifices his parents made while raising him. What he’s going through as a parent now, is what they went through as well and he has appreciated that parents are such a blessing from God.

He, however, advised young married couples to look and seek for help but know that at the end of the day, it is about you and the person with whom you share a roof.

“It is not bad to ask for help from friends and relatives, but do not make decisions basing on whatever they tell you to do. Everything has to be between you and your partner. You should not base your relationship on other people’s views.” 

Lwanga’s normal day

Lwanga wakes up at about 10 am, says his prayers, have breakfast, and at around midday he goes to NBS and does some work with Next Events up to 4 pm. Then from 5 pm to 7 pm, he’s on TV doing his evening show After5.

From there, Lwanga turns to NXT Radio where he presents the countdown show up to 8 pm. After, he goes home.

Lwanga returns home early because he’s not an outgoing person, he doesn’t like hanging out in a bar or any other amusement place. I rarely go out even had a conversation about it with my boss recently. I am an introvert; I like being indoors.

Likes and Preferences

Lwanga likes watching movies. 

Going to the beach, though once in a blue moon, I would rather go to the beach than to the bar.

Wearing Jeans, T-shirts and Converse, he owns formal outfits but truth is, he never put them on.

Favourite musicians

  • John Blaq
  • Spice Diana
  • Feffe Buss, he finds his free-styling very creative. 

However, Lwanga doesn’t listen to music outside work, he enjoys shows more.

On the issue of artistes joining politics, Lwanga says; “I think it is necessary because artistes used to be blind and not mind what was happening in the country. I think it is important for entertainers to keep track of policies in the country.”


Earlier, rumours had it that Lwanga the famous ‘NBS After5’ presenter is planning to quit the station over un-established reasons.

He refuted the claims, regarding it fake news. “I am not quitting NBS and Next Media Services, that’s fake news.” It’s probably because those spreading rumours have their data “They have mob Mbs and have nothing to do with it.” 

“I am still working with Next Media and I will continue to present the NBS After5 show and working at NXT Media.”

He urged his fans and followers to disregard any information of him quitting NBS via his Twitter handle.