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Who is Eddy Yawe?

Who is Eddy Yawe? Flash Uganda Media looks at his biography, age, music career, wife, family, politics, early life and education of Bobi Wine’s brother.

Eddy Yawe is a Ugandan music artist, producer, songwriter, entrepreneur and a politician. He is also the owner /founder of a Kamwokya based music studio known as Dream studios. 

Dream studios are the studio that revolutionalised Uganda’s music industry and it mentored many legendary producers such as Washington, Tony hauls, Paddy man and many more. 

A lot of music hits are written to his name which includes Tukigale, kayembe, neighbour and many more hits. Eddy Yawe is also a politician and in 2011 he contested in Kampala as a member of parliament although he lost and he contested in 2016 in Kiira municipality he still lost.

Education and early life

Eddy Yawe is a brother to a musician turned politician Bobi wine and he comes from the family of Mr Gerald Sentamu who is the father but according to Yawe his father gave birth to a lot of children which are 34 in number but Yawe is the fourth born in his mother. 

He was born on may 11th 1973 and was raised in Kanoni Gomba which is his home village and according to Eddy Yawe his family was well off before the 1980 war but when the liberation war started his father decided to join the rebels of the NRA that were based in Luweero. 

He ended up Kanoni since he was no longer in contact with his father. Eddy Yawe started his education journey at Kanoni primary school which was a government school and after his primary, he joined St. Henry’s college Kitovu for his secondary education. 

He got a scholarship from a university of Netherlands where he studied and pursued a master’s degree in radio and television in 2000. 

After this, he got another scholarship at Morgan University in the USA where he studied sound engineering and did his internship in Hollywood.

Music career

Eddy Yawe started singing when he was still a child and according to him, he recalls his mother giving him a punishment of singing church hymns whenever he could do wrong. 

Because of this experience, He joined a church choir in Kanoni under the influence of his mother and when he joined the choir rev. Nsale taught them more about how to sing. 

After his senior six education, his family bought him a guitar as a way of appreciating him for his performance in mid-1990. When he came to Kampala he connected with Phiobe Nassolo and Betty Mpolongoma and they formed a band called dimension 2000.  

Under this band, they connected with various artists at the time which includes Ronald Mayinja and Geoffrey Lutaaya. At this time he was still being inspired by a Ugandan music artist called Jimmy Katumba. His first song was called Nentale which he recorded at Kasiwukira studios. 

After this single, he went to the Netherlands and while in the Netherlands he released his first album called Pamela but it wasn’t successful because he was not around to promote the album. 

After the Netherlands, he got an opportunity to travel to the USA and joined Baltimore University where he studied sound engineering and while in Nashville Tennessee he started a studio called Dream studio and he was told by his fellow artists at the time to shift the studio from the USA to Uganda which he did. 

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He started singing when he was still a child.

In 2003 he started Dream studio in Kamwokya and he became a lead producer and a sound engineer at the studio. The studio changed the sound of the music since it brought in a new feel of raga music that was missing Uganda’s music industry. 

The studio produced various hit singles, especially for Bobi wine. Songs include funtula, Taata wabana Yani, bada, and many more. The studio also mentored various producers such as Washington, Tony hauls and paddy man. 

Eddy Yawe started a girl group called Dreamgirls which was well known for its single called weekend and it had to perform girls such as Leila Kayondo and Renah Nalumansi.  

Eddy Yawe was also a band member of Uganda’s oldest band Afrigo band but currently, he decided to take a solo career.

Political journey 

Eddy Yawe is not only a musician but also a politician. 

He says his love for politics started while he was still a young boy and he recalls his father and grandfather being strong supporters’ and card-holding members of the Democratic Party and they actively participated in the 1980 elections that sparked off the 1980 NRA war.

Eddy Yawe started his political journey in 2006 and he campaigned for a DP candidate known as Erias Lukwago who was contesting on the position of Kampala central Member of Parliament. 

He even wrote for him a song he could perform on his campaign trails. 

In 2011 he decided to join the race and he was running for the position of Kampala central Member of Parliament on a DP card but lost to Muhammad Nsereko who was running on an NRM card.  

In 2016 he shifted his political ambitions and took them to Kira municipality where he runs and lost to FDC candidate Ibrahim Semuju Nganda. He is expected to run in 2021 in the same position as an independent although he was not given the party card of NUP.

Eddy Yawe Songs 

  • Akayembe
  • Tukigale
  • Neighbour 
  • Kati olaba
  • Nantongo
  • Love yoo
  • Uganda Yaffe ffena
  • Kampala 
  • Tugende Kampala 
  • Maria Roza
  • Suubi
  • Anvilideyo
  • Awangale
  • Tomutemyako
  • Irene
  • Mbu madam
  • Aningi ningi
  • Embeera
eddy yawe started dream studios
In 2003 he started Dream studio in Kamwokya and he became a lead producer and a sound engineer at the studio.


Eddy Yawe says he is a family man with children and a wife but doesn’t expose her in the limelight but some rumours have it that his wife is in the Netherlands.


After the release of his hit single Tukigale in which Carol Nantogo featured him, a rift developed between him and the management of carol Nantogo. 

Rumours had it that Eddy had started vibing carol and when carol refused Eddy took the rights of the song and he started performing it with another lady known as Rachel Namiiro of the Nu Eagles

This annoyed carol and her management and they decided to leave the song for him.