Ronald Mayinja biography
Who is Ronald Mayinja?

Who Ronald Mayinja? Flash Uganda Media looks at his biography, early life, Age, music, and family of former Eagles Production band singer

Ronald Mayinja is a Ugandan singer, songwriter, politician, father, husband and a businessman. 

Mayinja is one of the original members of the defunct Eagles Production Band that dominated Uganda’s band music era starting from the mid-1990s until local band music was pushed to the peripherals of the industry. 

When Ronald Mayinja came into the limelight, some people were claiming that he stole the late Elly Wamala’s song though that was a lie and to others, they thought Mayinja was Elly Wamala’s son

Ronald Mayinja has been described by many of his fans as the only man that can write what a woman truly feels or what a man feels about her.

Mayinja is so lucky and gifted to have a melodious voice to project his amorous lyrics concepts.

Early Life and Education

Ronald Mayinja was born in Mpenja Gomba District central Uganda to the late David Ndawula and Joyce Namuddu on 9th November 1978. 

When he was still young, Ronald Mayinja dreamt of joining the army so that he would be able to take his revenge against his stepmother who was always fond of beating him up every day. 

Ronald Mayinja first attended his Primary School class in Gomba then Namirembe Primary School in Kampala where he completed his Primary School education. 

After completing Secondary school, Ronald Mayinja joined National College of Business Studies, Nakawa current Makerere University Business School where he obtained a Diploma in business studies. After obtaining his diploma, he decided to concentrate his efforts on music which he described as his calling.

Ronald Mayinja said that he relocated to Kampala to live with his mother just to escape his father’s cruelty under the influence of his stepmother. 

At only 11 years, after going through terrible torture by his father under the influence of a stepmother, Mayinja convinced his only sister to walk for over 90km from Mpenja-Gomba to Mpigi town in search of their mother who was residing in Kawempe, a Kampala suburb then. 

“At one point, my father beat me until I was dripping blood and in a way of stopping the blood flow, he pushed me into a drum full of water for minutes,” says Mayinja. 

After a week, they arrived in Kawempe but their mother was away and neighbours took them to their maternal grandmother.

While staying with his mother in Kampala, he only came into contact with music when he participated in the choir that sang in the church that he prayed from. 

Though he had gained some interest in music, his mother did not support the idea of him taking up music as a career, and all she wanted him to study, graduate and get a white-collar job, not become a musician. 

ronald Mayinja met his wife Aisha Nakyeyune
Mayinja met his wife, Aisha Nakyeyune through a friend.

At the time, Mayinja used to write music for plays at their school and his mother liked them but never wanted her son to turn out a musician. In 1995, Ronald Mayinja said that his mother left the country and travelled to Europe and he was left with his father who later passed on hence leaving him to fend for himself.

According to Ronald Mayinja, he was forced to join the music industry due to the struggles that he went through after the death of his father. 

He said he used to write songs for plays that they used to stage at school during his secondary school days and therefore he decided to record the songs that he had written for those plays on tape like the other upcoming artists who were also doing the same thing. 

At this time, he had to join the music industry because he had been pushed against the wall financially and decided he didn’t want to dream about getting paid anymore though he had a business studies qualification from NCBS. 

After a long time of doing music, Mayinja returned to school in 2012.

Music Career

Ronald Mayinja began his musical journey during his high school days in the 1990s. 

Mayinja’s love for music was unstoppable and actually, Mayinja chose to go the music way despite his mother’s objections

It was the same time his mother had flown to Denmark for greener pastures and in this, he saw an opportunity to express freedom. 

His first album, Mayinja talked to a Good Samaritan who helped him to record the songs by sponsoring him and that was how his first album that he called Sinzoba came into place. 

The album was then promoted by Mulindwa Muwonge who was at the time working with CBS radio Kampala, which is one of the first radio stations in Uganda. Mayinja’s early success in the field saw him release Akamanyiro, Claire, Necklace, Njakulondola and Doreen.

With the birth of TV shows like the Late Night Show on WBS TV, Ugandan artistes realized that the screen was an important ingredient in promoting new music projects. 

Mayinja was one of the earliest Ugandan artistes to make a video and Necklace became an instant favourite with daily rotation on the airwaves. 

Ronald Mayinja has said that he has been able to drive the cars that he has always dreamt of owning during his days in Gomba, and that music has enabled him to be able to build a bungalow and own businesses and also make some friends. 

After his first album, Ronald Mayinja was able to release many other albums and some of these was released in 1997, Claire which was released in 1998, Necklace was released in 1999, Njakulondola came out in 2002, and in 2004, he came up with another album that he called Doreen.

These albums brought him more musical fame and he became a superstar in Uganda. He continues to inspire and motivate very many Ugandans with his sweet musical voice. 

He later joined then musician Kato Lubwama’s group but quit after two years joining musicians Mesach Semakula and Geoffrey Lutaaya to form the defunct Eagles Production. 

The then giant Eagles Production split, and resulted into Da New Eagles lead by Geoffrey Lutaaya and his Wife Irene Namatovu, and Golden Band Production which Mayinja is one of the proprietors.

Eagles Production members got divided with some going with Lutaaya and others went with Mayinja. Along the way, Mayinja met his wife, Aisha Nakyeyune through a friend and the huddles of tribe and religion could not stop the love birds from marrying and eventually having children. 

They have 3 children together and several other children from different relationships.


  • Necklace
  • Doreen
  • Batitiizi
  • Bagonda Nyo
  • Bunkenke
  • Landlord
  • Sula Ekiti
  • Ensi Yaffe
  • Leticia
  • Funayo Akadde
  • Tumala Kwekona
  • Tononooza
  • Obasinga Nyo
  • Omudugavu
  • Bizeemu
  • Londa Nze 
  • Nasalawo
  • Oli Busy
  • Njakuberawo
  • Kweeka Enamba
  • Abalina Sente
  • Sente Y’ekibi
  • Njakuberawo
  • Embeera Ya Sente
  • Emikwano Mingi
  • Yegwe
  • Africa
  • Tuwalana Nguzi
  • Ani Agula Ensi
  • Among others


  • Kajanja ft. Karitas Karlo
  • Love Eno ft. Rachael Namiiro
  • Among others
ronald Mayinja in his view believes People Power
Mayinja confirms that he is still a cadre and strong supporter of ‘People Power’


Politics is now Mayinja’s latest venture. “Another political aim of my NGO is to seduce and entice the NRM supporters to join the opposition, because we need to increase our numbers if we are to win big in the forthcoming elections. ” 

Others were to promote mutual respect among Ugandans irrespective of their divergent views on social, political and economic trends in the country and mobilize more Ugandans to be part of the peace movement. 

According to Mayinja, they decided to come up with the movement to foster peace and co-existence as a key factor in social, political and economic transformation.

Mayinja adds that the person they are fighting has a gun and he has to protect it because if it gets off him, they may use it to kill him. So, amidst all these, you create peace, associate, change the technics of approach to power, dialogue step by step, change their ideologies and eventually win them over and take over. 

Bobi Wine has played a very big role in restoring the belief in the music industry that everyone can stand and win a political position as most have come out and announced their intentions. 

Mayinja has in the past released some controversial songs such as “Tulikubunkenke”, and “Africa” which were regarded as political and he believes with this background and that of being a renowned musician he stands a higher chance of winning the 2020 parliamentary vote.

Of recent, rumours circulated on Social Media stating that Mayinja had crossed from People Power to NRM accusing him of being a political mole, statements Mayinja says are untrue purposely to divert not only him but all Ugandans from the political struggle they are in. 

All these rumours started from social media, claiming that I had gotten a car from the President, but all that has come to demoralize and divert me from my political ambitions. 

This was after he met the President at Gomba Kisozi. Mayinja points out that Kisozi is his village and there’s no problem in meeting the President in his village.

Mayinja however, cautioned that politics of hatred and divisionism is not good at all, and these are stupid things. Mayinja who has so far met the President 3 times argues that there’s no problem in meeting the President and in view, he said there’s no opposition politician who has never met the President in Uganda. 

He points out that the people of Gomba should expect a lot because he believes that a good leader should first work for himself before going onto lead other people. “I came to the city from Gomba and I have worked for myself and now it’s time for me to go back for them.”

“Nevertheless, Mayinja reasons that politics has affected his music career. 

” It has divided his fans along political lines, he says some people have said they no longer like his music ever since he became a politician yet not in support of their political party. “

“Some don’t like my political songs while others say that if I don’t sing about politics, then I was probably bought off by the government. “In the same regard, Mayinja ruled out the fact that burnt out artists are the ones joining politics for survival. “

In his view, they are not into politics for financial gains but rather to make the country a better place and also to diffuse the lies and negative perceptions of people used to have against musicians that they are uneducated, drug addicts. 

“Although subscription to Mayinja music is low these days as he says, he has a new song titled “Omuddugavu” 2020, it preaches unity. ” 

Others are to promote mutual respect among Ugandans irrespective of their divergent views on social, political and economic trends in the city and mobilize more Ugandans to be part of the peace movement. 

Mayinja in his view believes People Power is doing good currently as a new political pressure group, but they must make sure that everything they do increases on the number of supporters because they are running out of time.

” If they front one candidate, he will be the right one.” 

However, Mayinja believes there’s no democracy in Uganda. In 2018, Mayinja was denounced as a member of the Democratic Party as officials claimed that he was not a registered party member. 

This followed Mayinja’s performance at one of the ruling Party’s events after it won the age limit case. “Ideologically, I very much wanted DP, but I haven’t gotten any card for any political party, and right now no party.”

Mayinja says right now he wants the ideologies of person and not a political party because the problem of Ugandans are now far beyond political parties. There have been so many political parties but he hasn’t seen any which is there for the cause of Ugandans. 

One time, Mayinja mentioned that the opposition should front Bobi Wine to compete against the incumbent Yoweri Museveni. Mayinja as well thinks the President should do Ugandans a favour and leave power for the good of Uganda.

Bajjo accuses Mayinja
Bajjo accuses Mayinja of crossing from People Power to NRM.

Personal life

Ronald Mayinja is a good reader of current affairs and his preference is national news. Because he relates with the people through his work, so in that case, he’s compelled to compose songs in the line of social causes. 

Mayinja says the ideal perfect happiness to him is chasing a mission and it finally works out but also living among happy people creates some level of happiness. 

Mayinja states, basing on what he has been through, there’s nothing that scares him of all what people fear.

Mayinja loves everything about himself. Mayinja despises every selfish politician in society saying they are misfit. Mayinja likes nurturing others and cause positive change in their lives. He likes living in Uganda because Uganda’s standards of living are still fair as compared to other countries around the globe.

Mayinja treasures and values his brain, because it enables him to think in the right way. Above all, Mayinja loves music because it has enabled him to save a multitude of Ugandans. 

The veteran musician is a fan of current affairs, so he likes any good writer in that field. According to Mayinja, everything that happens to him turns out to be a life lesson and he would like to die honourably as long as the reason is fighting for the right cause.

Person Mayinja admires in Uganda

He is not personal and relates with all people regardless of the political affiliation.

Religious Affiliations

Ronald Mayinja is a Catholic believer while his wife Aisha Nakyeyune is a staunch Muslim from a strong Muslim family. In 2011 it was alleged that Mayinja was set to convert to Islam for his wife Aisha Nakyeyune. 

With the nuptials of Eagles Production co-director and singer, Ronald Mayinja, fast approaching, word making rounds in music circles was that the veteran singer was considering and could convert to Islam to smoothen his introduction and marriage to Aisha, his longtime live-in girlfriend and mother of his children. 

However, this did not happen and Mayinja was accepted by Nakyeyune’s family and conducted their traditional marriage ceremony.

Mayinja’s entourage initially camped at Calendar Prestige Hotel, Makindye, home of the band he works with. Mayinja was first taken through the Kinyarwanda rituals a man goes through before being given a wife. 

Mayinja arrived at Mugongo at 1 pm and he was ushered into the home by young women dressed in Kinyarwanda attire as Kinyarwanda music played in the background. 

Gen Edward Katumba Wamala, Mengo Minister for Tourism, Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi, Fufa President, Lawrence Mulindwa, CBS programme director, Abby Mukiibi, Bobi Wine, Sylvia Kyagulanyi, Meddie Bwette, MTN’s Robert Ssentongo, West Records’ CEO Edward Ssendikadiwa and many others, especially from the entertainment industry was one of the guests on the event.

Mayinja meets Museveni
Mayinja meets President Museveni.


In 2019, Ronald Mayinja said that Bebe Cool still reasons like a child. Mayinja made the statements while at Serena Conference Centre. 

Mayinja’s response to Bebe Cool comes after he turned out to be a hot topic in the entertainment fraternity for performing his Bizeemu song in front of President Yoweri Museveni during Catherine Kusasira’s ‘Tears of a Woman’ Concert. 

In a lengthy interview on one of the Kampala based radio stations, Mayinja was heard expressing that meeting the President is such a big deal to Bebe Cool because he reaps huge sums of money out of it.

He went on to reveal that Bebe Cool got angry because it seemed like he lied to the President that things are okay, yet, it is the opposite. 

“Mayinja added that it is a pity Bebe Cool still has a childish way of reasoning as he quoted the Bible in 1st Corinthians where it says, “When I was a child, I talked, thought and reasoned like a child. Jemimah Namatovu, a singer with The New Eagles Production claims Mayinja got her pregnant in 2006 but refused to bear the responsibility of the pregnancy. 

However, when the baby was born, he resembled Mayinja that no DNA was needed.

This is not the first scandal between Mayinja and Namatovu. In 2014 when Mayinja called all women who claim to have his children for a DNA test, Namatovu’s child was bounced. Following the event, Ronald Mayinja’s Wife welcomed all his illegitimate children. He fathered children with a rough number of 12 women.

Ronald says that this is part of the plan to prepare for the time when he will not be here on earth. Mayinja who has 3 children with Aisha owns quite many properties and has shares in Golden Band Production. And this makes the public believe that with these properties he will be able to provide for all his children. 

His properties include Roma Motel in Bunnamwaya along Entebbe road, trucks which are hired to transport goods across the city, real estate in Kampala and many others.

Ronald Mayinja further revealed that Jose Chameleone’s move to call all women who have his children to bring them to him inspired him to do the same. 

On why Mayinja took long to reveal that he has so many other women and children, the musician stated that he was afraid to talk about this since some of the women are married and one particular one was a fellow defunct Eagles Production member.

Mayinja meets Museveni at Kisozi

On December 31 2019, the Golden Band boss, Ronald Mayinja met President Museveni on December 31, 2019, at State Lodge Kisozi Gomba District, impeccable sources revealed. 

Sources said Mayinja met Museveni privately before the president met Congolese musician Kanda Bongoman and former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi. 

Mayinja confirms that he is still a cadre and strong supporter of ‘People Power’ and he is not about to fight them. 

Bajjo said that another promoter called Yasin Kawuma masterminded the project of ‘Peace for All, All for Peace’ but Mayinja betrayed them and went ahead to meet the President.

Mayinja ate the money and now wants to confuse Ugandans. The project was for promoter Yasin Kaweesi who called Mayinja. Yasin wanted to sell it to Museveni because he is an NRM supporter, but Mayinja betrayed him.