edith nakalema promoted colonel
Yoweri Museveni Tibuhaburwa has given Lt Col Edith Nakalema, the head of State House Anti-Corruption Unit, the additional rank of a full colonel. FILE PHOTO

Yoweri Museveni Tibuhaburwa promoted Lt Col Edith Nakalema, who heads the State House Anti-Corruption Unit, to a full colonel rank in the latest promotions.

In the latest promotions, President Yoweri Museveni Tibuhaburwa has accorded the head of State House Anti-Corruption unit, Lt Col Edith Nakalema an additional rank of a full colonel.

The new promotions were announced by the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) spokesperson Brig Gen Flavia Byekwaso

She said a total of 106 officers were promoted to the position of a Colonel, 191 officers were promoted from Major to Lieutenant Colonel and 173 from Captain to Major. 

“H.E the President and Commander in Chief of the Uganda Peoples ‘ Defence Forces [Yoweri Museveni] on top of the General Officers recently promoted has also promoted more 1,393 UPDF personnel to various ranks. The UPDF fraternity continues to congratulate the promoted officers for their patriotic service to our motherland Uganda,” the UPDF spokesperson announced on Monday.

Below is the list of UPDF promotions

1. Lt Col Sam Murari Karcgo Colonel

2. Lt Col Godfrey Kiruge Bizibu Colonel

3. Lt Col Francis Musana Mudaka Colonel

4. Lt Col Abdu Nasser Colonel

5. Lt Col Valent ino Okot Colonel

6. Lt Col Chris Twebaze Colonel

7. Lt Col Wilson Twesigye Colonel

8. Lt Col Robert Ruteinama Colonel

9. Lt Col Deo Twesigye Colonel

10. Lt Co Sam Kiiza Musinguzi Colonel

1 1. Lt Col Fred Batumbya Colonel

12. Lt Col Chris Tumushabe Colonel

13. Lt Col Stephen B Lubulwa Colonel

14. Lt Col Henry Turyatunga Colonel

15. Lt Col Charles Malinga Colonel

16. Lt Col Robert Kakande Colonel

17. Lt Col David Richard Edimu Colonel

18. Lt Col Badru Lumumba Colonel

19. Lt Col James K Kasule Colonel

20. Lt Col Sam B Twine Colonel

21. Lt Col Charles Odong Colonel

22. Lt Col Jimmy Sekikubo Senkungu Colonel

23. Lt Col Deo Mandevu Colonel

24. Lt Col Charles Kamya Colonel

25. Lt Col John Bosco Kalyango Colonel

26. Lt Col Christopher Berochan Colonel

27. Lt Col Deo Buyondo Kiyemba Colonel

28. Lt Col John Robert Achuka Colonel

29. Lt Col David Bush Turyahabwe Colonel

30. Lt Col Yuventino lmalingat Colonel

31. Lt Col Joyce Kabanyoro Colonel

32. Lt Col Amos Oyugi Colonel

33. Lt Col Charles B Mwigha Colonel

34. Lt Col Fred Mwesigye Colonel

35. Lt Col John Musiitwa Colonel

36. Lt Col Geoffrey Buryo Colonel

37. Lt Col John S Kasule Colonel

38. Lt Col Emmanuel Odongo Colonel

39. Lt Col Charles Oluka Colonel

40. Lt Col Charles K Tuhame Colonel

41. Lt Col Duncan Kashoma Colonel

42. Lt Col John Bosco Katongole Colonel

43. Lt Col Francis B Katereho Colonel

44. Lt Col Samuel Kigoora Tumwebaze Colonel

45. Lt Col Benard Rubeineka Kashemeza Colonel

46. Lt Col Peter Nabasa Akankunda Colonel

47. Lt Col Alex Obbo Afayoa Colonel

48. Lt Col Felix Laden Nyero Colonel

49. Lt Col Godfrey Kyomuhendo Colonel

50. Lt Col Rogers Dhikusooka Kitwala Colonel

51. Lt Col Martin Nahurira Colonel

52. Lt Col Henry Nevatine Serugo Colonel

53. Lt Col Chris Tibemanya Wobugabe Colonel

54. Lt Col James Barigye Rukundo Colonel

55. Lt Col Nicholas Gai Mpadwa Colonel

56. Lt Col David Opeero Colonel

57. Lt Col Richard Obura Kidega Colonel

58. Lt Col David Ocitti Kidega Colonel

59. Lt Col John Bosco Kwoba Colonel

60. Lt Col Moses Buwaso Colonel

61. Lt Col Joseph Ecelare Okalebo Colonel

62. Lt Col Emmanuel Ayuk Ewama Colonel

63. Lt Col Francis Obita Aragamoi Colonel 

64. Lt Col Emuron Ariko Godfrey Colonel

65. Lt Col John Vincent Arigye Colonel

66. Lt Col Amon Kagina Biryomuruwe Colonel

67. Lt Col Christopher Tumwine Colonel

68. Lt Col Paul Wanyera Namawa Colonel

69. Lt Col Deus Kakiga Taremwa Colonel

70. Lt Col Patrick Mbayo Mutone Colonel

71. Lt Col Armstrong Ndugga Colonel

72. Lt Col Davis Ankunda Rwangoga Colonel

73. Lt Col Anech Mubangizi Colonel

74. Lt Col Gilbert Owamagyezi Colonel

75. Lt Col John Siyareta Katama Colonel

76. Lt Col Franklin Namanya Colonel

77. Lt Col Simon Peter Oyoo Colonel

78. Lt Col Dennis Wandera Wanyama Colonel

79. Lt Col Godfrey Ssemakula Colonel

80. Lt Col Moses lkiriza Colonel

81. Lt Col Modans Kamugira Colonel

82. Lt Col Edith Nakalema Colonel

83. Lt Col Oscar Munanura Colonel

84. Lt Col Charity Bainababo Colonel

85. Lt Col Charles Aremu Colonel

86. Lt Col Deo Byate Karikona Colonel

87. Lt Col Godfrey Bakulu Katongole Colonel

88. Lt Col Deborah Nayebale Colonel

89. Lt Col Sam Bamusiime Ntambirwe Colonel

90. Lt Col Ezra Kukundwakwe Colonel

91. Lt Col Henry Obbo Colonel

92. Lt Col Sam Kafudde Ngobi Colonel

93. Lt Col Sebbi Waiswa Kisambira Colonel

94. Lt Col Frank Mukula Colonel

95. Lt Col Charles Dramoyo Mawa Colonel

96. Lt Col George Twekwase Colonel

97. Lt Col Abubakar K Mbidde Colonel

98. Lt Col Deogratias Akiiki Asiimwe Colonel

99. Lt Col John Bosco Asinguza Colonel

100. Lt Col Archangel Kiiza Birungi Colonel

101. Lt Col Sadler Sulaiman Katono Colonel

102. Lt Col Mariam Byarugaba Natukunda Colonel

103. Lt Col Anatolia Macwante Nuwagira Colonel

104. Lt Col Fred Mulugwe Colonel

105. Lt Col Kitto David Magambo Colonel

106. Lt Col Silver Mazima Colonel