Minister Ogwang Says Uganda Still Needs Museveni
The State Minister for ICT Peter Ogwang. FILE PHOTO

The State Minister for ICT Peter Ogwang has said Uganda should be proud to have President Museveni as their leader because he has been a great servant. 

Peter Ogwang, the minister of Information and Communications Technology, has expressed that Uganda should be proud to have President Museveni as its leader because he has served the country well.

Minister Ogwang made the remarks in an interview with NBS TV on Tuesday. He said instead of aiming insults at him because of his overstay in power, Ugandans should appreciate Museveni for building the country from scratches.

“I don’t agree when people say that President Museveni plans to die in power. We need to appreciate where the president has brought this country. The country still needs him,” Ogwang said.

He, in addition, noted one of the major challenges in Uganda is that many people fear accepting defeat. Ogwang said that just like the NRM accepted a defeat to NUP in the Buganda region, they too should accept they lost the presidential election and move on.

“The problem we have in Uganda is we don’t accept defeat. That is the beginning of problems. I give credit to NUP, they won us in Buganda, and we acknowledge that, but Buganda is not the whole country. We won them in the rest of the country,” Ogwang noted.

“For those who are disgruntled by the election, there are constitutional avenues to challenge it. You don’t have to organise people to disrupt the swearing-in ceremony.”

He further, said he has been hearing news of intended plans to disrupt the president’s swearing-in for next month but warned that the ruling party is well equipped to see that function is held successfully.

“I heard that someone plans to disrupt the swearing-in ceremony because it’s planned and known. I want to send a strong message to whoever wants to disrupt the swearing-in ceremony of the head-of-state not to dare,” he warned.

“We have a tested UPDF. They can’t disguise and stage-manage situations. For a UPDF Spokesperson to address the nation on an issue, it is backed by facts,” added.

Meanwhile, this comes at a time when the UPDF spokesperson Brig Flavia Byekwaso earlier this week, issued a warning that they will not take lightly any plans or intentions to deny President Museveni’s swearing-in ceremony.

She said that any person who engages in activities aimed at destabilizing the peace and security of the country becomes an enemy of the country and therefore shall be dealt with decisively.

“These people think they can achieve their objectives through different ways and means. Intelligence has picked information to this effect. Any person who stands in the path of peace and stability of this country becomes an enemy of the country and shall therefore be dealt with decisively,“ Byekwaso said.