Who is Julie Mutesasira?
Who is Julie Mutesasira?

Who is Julie Mutesasira? Flash Uganda Media looks at her biography, husband, songs, wedding, marriage, education and early life and education of Julie Nalugya. 

Julie Nalugya best known as Julie Mutesasira is a Ugandan gospel singer who has also composed love songs. She’s well known in Uganda and across the land for her songs like Nkulembera, Lwana Nabo, Ekikuyumira and Bamuyita Yesu, in collaboration with Iryn Namubiru.

Julie left Uganda and relocated to Canada in 2017 after her divorce from her husband Pastor Steven Mutesasira with whom she had three children, two of whom are Esther and Ezekiel, the winner of East Africa’s Got Talent season 1, 2019.

She’s not happy with born again Christians, who say she’s not a character of a pastor’s wife because of her dress code, lifestyle and hairstyle. 

Early Life and Education

Julie Mutesasira was born on February 27, 1978, at Mulago Hospital to the late Rose Namubiru Lutwama and the late Henry Ssebatta. Mutesasira is the eldest of three children, who include two sisters and a brother. 

She grew up in Old Kampala, but then shifted to Kanyanya, another Kampala City suburb; she was born and raised in Kampala City.

Old Kampala was quite interesting to Mutesasira because she used to interact with some of today’s prominent movie actors and actresses who lived there by then. Some of these people included Kato Lubwama and Patricko Mujjuka.

Julie Mutesasira was a quiet child and cheeky at the same time during her childhood days. For example, there are times I would make noise in class, but instead, my friends would get punished.

Today her only regret is that her mother and aunt, the two women who made her what she is today are not around to see her success.

Teachers always had the perception that other students were the ones provoking Mutesasira to make noise during lessons. 

They believed she was a very disciplined and obedient girl who would never talk in class during lessons.

Mutesasira’s fondest childhood memories are the moments she shared with her mother. Not only was she fun to be around, but she also taught her a lot of things about life. It is from her mother that she learnt how to be humble, respectful and loving towards other people.

It is also from her that Mutesasira learnt how to be humble, respectful and loving towards other people. Her mother taught her how to cook and do other household chores such as washing clothes and cleaning the house. She was and is still such an incredible woman.

As a child, Mutesasira participated in the church choir. 

She started singing at only five years old at St Matia Mulumba Church, Old Kampala. Some of the renowned established groups and musicians that she used to look up to were Abba, a Swedish pop group and the late Jimmy Katumba

Julie Mutesasira attended Kampala Kindergarten and this was from pre-primary to top class, current Aga Khan Primary School. She then joined Buganda Road Primary School for her P.1 till P.7.

After completing primary school, Mutesasira joined St. Balikudembe Mitala Maria SS for her S.1 till S.2, then Wampewo Ntake SS for S.3 and S.4 and finally Kitante Hill for S.5 and S.6. She was mostly naughty in Senior Two and Three.

Mutesasira loved her late Aunt who passed away on October 3, 1994, after a short illness because she was just like her mother; she nurtured her like her own biological daughter. “Sometimes I wish she had lived up to date to see some of the accomplishments I have made in life.” This was her worst childhood memory since it was as if she had her second mother. 

Julie Mutesasira has no regrets in life because she believes that everything in our lives happens for a reason. She believes the death of her Aunt is still the one event that marked a significant change in her life. 

Mutesasira’s world came crashing down after she lost her Aunt. It is from her death that she learnt that anyone can be called upon at any time by God regardless of their age, status and wealth.

Much as Mutesasira knew that her Aunt was sick, she never expected her to die very soon. 

The experience was very dreadful, at least she’s grateful to God for the times she shared with her since she learnt a lot of things from her like praying and appreciating everyone around her regardless of their status in society.

Awards and Recognitions

  • Julie Mutesasira received the Best Female Gospel Song award for her song Saba, in 2014 
  • Best Religious Song award for her song List Ya Mukama in 2015 
  • She won the Song of the year award at the Olive Gospel Music Awards in 2012 
  • Female artist of the year award at VIGA Awards in 2016, Diva Collabo Award for Yani, collaboration with Iryn Namubiru at the 2011 DIVA Awards
  • Nominated for Best Religious Song for her song Kijja Kugwa in 2016 at the third, fourth and fifth HiPipo Music Awards respectively.
Mutesasira’s photos kissing a fellow woman at their wedding
In October 2020, Julie Mutesasira’s photos kissing a fellow woman at their wedding went viral on social media.


Julie Mutesasira began singing way back in 2005 in a church choir, though her breakthrough song was a love song ‘Ekikunyumira’ written by Henry Renix and ‘Lwana Naboo’. 

The following are some of Julie Mutesasira’s songs; 

  • Asobola
  • Ntelekera
  • Ekikunyumira
  • Tokikola
  • Gwenjagala
  • Tokola Ensobi
  • Nkizudde
  • Ngateyakutonderwa
  • Lwana Nabo
  • List Ya Mukama
  • Nsuuno
  • Tambula
  • Nkulembera
  • Bewunya
  • Saba
  • Sseyeya
  • Ninze
  • Kijja Kugwa
  • Wantwala
  • Njagala Okuyimba
  • Ankuuma
  • Ndayira
  • Sikyaadayo
  • Katonda Nange
  • Nkwagala
  • Gwenjagala
  • Yani (Bamuyita Yesu)
  • Genre: R&B/Soul


Julie Mutesasira was married to a city Pastor Steven Mutesasira of Redeemed of the Lord Evangelistic Church Kamwokya, they divorced in 2016 and she fled to Canada in 2017, and together they have three children; Esther, Elizabeth and Ezekiel Mutesasira.

Julie and Mutesasira got married in 2003, although she and her husband were Born Again Christians, they wedded at Namirembe Cathedral because her parents liked it that way. 

However, the two met in 1997, at the time Pastor Mutesasira had just started a church at Kitintale Hill School where Julie Mutesasira was studying in S.5. Eventually, she ended up participating in the church choir. 

She was very good at music and as time went on, Pastor Mutesasira slowly began studying her character that led to their marriage. 

In October 2020, Julie Mutesasira’s photos kissing a fellow woman at their wedding went viral on social media.

It is alleged that following her divorce Julie rushed to the United States before connecting to Canada to unite with her new female lover whom she later walked down the aisle and now living as husband and wife.

Julie’s wedding photos with a fellow woman came few days after Pastor Steven Mutesasira shared photos walking down the aisle with his new woman a one Judith Joyce Nabakooza. Following Julie Mutesasira’s turn of event, the religious community condemned her action.

However, Mutesasira came out and made a statement regarding the matter. Through her Instagram account, she said she is just confused. “I’m not divorced, I am not single, I am not searching; I’m not married but I’m confused,’ she revealed.

Julie Mutesasira Net Worth

Julie Mutesasira is believed to be past $400,000 in wealth and she runs several businesses in Uganda mostly. The fortune she gathered from her music career before she dumped it is all-inclusive in her net worth.