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Who is Emmanuel Kaweesi Lwasa?

Who is Emmanuel Kaweesi Lwasa?: Flash Uganda Media looks at his biography, age, family, wife, tribe, net worth, cars, work and experience, early life, education and relationship with Diana Nabatanzi.

Emmanuel Kaweesi Lwasa is a Ugandan socialite and businessman. 

He’s a former child soldier in the rebel group known as the National Resistance Army (NRA) headed by Yoweri Kaguta Museveni current President of the Republic of Uganda which later transformed into the National Resistance Movement (NRM) the ruling party in Uganda.

Lwasa, before joining the army was much interested in seeing soldiers execute their duties, emulating them until he decided to join the movement. He is well informed and articulate in his communications. 

Early Life and Education 

Emmanuel Lwasa attended Nakulabye High School and Kireka Central Workshop from where he attained a certificate in Motor Vehicle Engineering.

After, Lwasa joined the Gemological Institute of America in New York. He’s a Gemologist experienced in Diamond and Gold since 1996-2006.

Army Life and Politics

Emmanuel Lwasa joined NRA, a rebel group by then before it turned to NRM in 1985, at the age of thirteen lead by Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, where he attained rigorous training in fighting the enemy.

Lwasa states that he subscribed a lot for the current government of Uganda though he prefers to work privately. Lwasa shares that at one point he almost lost his right leg during the NRA war. “The war was stiff. We fought with Abanyanya until when we were converted to the 15th battalion in Gulu.”

According to Lwasa, from Gulu, they turned the guns to Lira, later to Patongo, Lilengo in the deep village under Colonel Samson Mande.

On the battlefield, Lwasa was nicknamed Korea by his fellow soldier because he was so brown just like the Koreans, he narrates. He was as friendly, social as he is today to fellow NRA warfighters, willing to work and learn new skills to fight the enemy.

Later, Lwasa 1994 retired from army service and joined Moto Vehicle engineering training at Kireka Central Workshop where he attained a Certificate before finishing his studies at Nakulabye high school.

Lwasa was awarded two gold medals by President Museveni as an appreciation for his commendable service in the army. 

Thereafter, Lwasa began working under Trans Equator Miners Company and Lwasa Traders-Uganda Limited following his retirement from the army service. 

He particularly deals in gold, home items from China and other businesses. In particular, Lwasa turned into a businessman in the country. 

During the 2021 general election process, Lwasa contested for the Masaka City Mayoral post on an independent ticket but lost the race to Florence Namayanja of NRM. He said his political involvement was to restore Masaka City’s lost glory.

Lwasa failed to go through during the NRM primaries; he was disqualified in the race on claims that he lacked genuine academic qualifications. He thereafter chooses to run on an independent ticket.

He stormed the political arena because he believed he had contributed a lot to Masaka City economically in addition to Kampala City which makes him fit to serve the city politically. 

Additionally, Lwasa claimed the 35 years he has served the party gave him a lot of exposure to stand for the mayoral post, Masaka City, recommendations he got from friends basing on his contributions to the city and the experience he has from developed countries such as China, UAE compelled him to contest. 

However, in all these justifications, Lwasa failed to secure the position.

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Lwasa in August 2021 was allegedly accused of featuring in a sex video that circulated on social media.

Work and Experience

Emmanuel Lwasa is a proprietor of Lwasa Gardens and Tavern Kick in Masaka City housed on 140fts piece of land. He works closely with his sister Rose Namanda and elder son Edgar Mulindwa in all his business enterprises.

Lwasa worked with the Buddu football team in 2018 and supported it financially appreciating their commendable work.

Lwasa is a Director at Lwasa Traders Uganda limited and a mineral dealer since 1995 till present. He first served at Trans Equator Miners Company before establishing Lwasa Traders ltd.


Emmanuel Lwasa is married to Faith Lwasa and together they have four children. He as well as children from various women all together totalling 18 children so far, and according to his plans, he wants to father 30 children.

His elder son is named Edgar Mulindwa whom he runs his business alongside his sister Rose Namanda.

Lwasa in March 2021 married another woman named Angel Kawunda in a colourful ceremony held in Nakasongola District. At the ceremony, Lwasa gifted his wife with a brand new Toyota Mark X, and an apartment among other things.

His marriage to Angel came after Emmanuel Lwasa bitterly split with his long time girlfriend Diana Nabatanzi a BBS Terefiyina presenter claiming she refused to bear him children nor make their relationship official despite numerous things he gifted her including cars, business and the lavish lifestyle he offered her.

He’s claimed to have been engaged in several sexual relations with TV personalities, celebrities and socialites including; Desire Luzinda a famous musician in Uganda, Precious Remmie a TV personality, among others.

Lwasa in August 2021 was allegedly accused of featuring in a sex video that circulated on social media. However, he denied the alleged video saying it was a photoshop intended to tarnish his reputation.