father Lokodo Bugingo marriage vows
Father Lokodo summons Pastor Bugingo over misleading teachings on marriage vows by saying they are satanic. File Photo

Father Simon Lokodo summons Pastor Bugingo over misleading teachings on marriage vows by saying they are satanic

The State Minister for Ethics and Integrity in the Office of the President of Uganda, Father Simon Lokodo, is dissatisfied with Pastor Bugingo, saying he’s uninformed about the correct message to tell his followers in regards to marriage vows.

The support of Father Lukodo derives from recent statements made by Pastor Bugingo of the House of Prayer of the Ministries International in Makerere-Kikoni, where he said the marriage vows were satanic and come from hell.

Pastor Bugingo also said that these marriage vows made in Catholic, Protestant and born-again churches are the key causes of death between partners as they tie them together to protect them from divorce in case of misunderstandings, but only death will split them.

“Among couples in the Bible, who was committed to such vows? Did Ibrahim vow to marry Sarah, or Isaac vowed to marry Rachael? Try to think about it, many people do not just kill spouses. They are the satanic vows made ‘Death will do us apart’, if there is someone who knows where

Teddy Naluswa drags husband Pr Bugingo
Teddy Naluswa drags husband Pastor Aloysius Bugingo to court over child neglect. File Photo

On that basis, Father Simon Lokodo went on to challenge Pastor Bugingo with a list of books in the Holy Bible about which marriage vows are spoken.

“For my brother Pastor to say marriage is something that can be entered in and broken out as at will, is unacceptable. And he continues to say that there’s no Biblical text that quotes this, he’s unformed and am here to train him in the gospel of Matthew, in the gospel of Luke, i

Father Simon Lokodo, however, has two steps to help educate Pastor Bugingo in particular.
The first step, he said

‘’I am going to call the interreligious council to whom am going to intimate the errors of my pastor Bugingo. To tell them, why do you allow someone to pose in the attire of a missionary, pastor when is not pastoring yet he’s destroying the sheep? You must be able to regret as re

The second step, he added

‘’I am summoning him myself as one in charge of ensuring that the citizens of this country are not taken in ridicule and therefore, we shall summon him. If he doesn’t respond, we have every reason to say he is not allowed to run a church because he is only misleading the citizens

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