Bebe Cool fears me King Saha responds beef
King Saha narrates how his beef with Bebe Cool started. File Photo

King Saha added that Bebe cool fears competition, thus he fights hard to throw him down

In a recent interview about Bebe Cool, Singer King Saha vowed to reveal the roots of his beef.

Saha said that their beef wasn’t just starting after Bebe Cool released his list of the best artists of the year; it broke out sometime back when Saha went to perform at Bebe’s show in Kiwatule.

The gist of the matter was about payment, Saha narrated that he expected to be paid instantly after performing on stage, but it didn’t happen.

Bebe Cool told him to wait until the next day, promising to call him back to pick up his money. Saha said that when he tried to call Bebe as they had agreed, he tried to toss him around, and at the end, he didn’t pay him up to date.

So this is where the beef started.

“It’s not about the list, I performed on his show, and he failed to pay me. When I called for my money, he turned out to be so pissed. Then I wondered what kind of human he was getting pissed after working for him. I’m still demanding for 4 million after performing at Kiwatule in

King Saha apologize Bebe cool
King Saha apologizes to fans and promises to deal with Bebe Cool privately

Like anyone who wouldn’t want someone to go into his or her personal life, King Saha said he is wondering why Bebe Cool is still involved in his personal affairs.

“I don’t normally want to talk about that guy, but he forced me after entering my personal life. I wonder why he should talk about me, I don’t think that guy should advise or warn me of anything. I want him to take me seriously because I take myself serious. I am warning him, “sa

Since no man is an island, King Saha has shown that the other reason is that Bebe Cool has too much fear of him. He added that Bebe cool fears competition, so he fights hard to throw it down.

“Some people call saying that Bebe is afraid of me. It’s bad to fear somebody, I don’t bite, I am also human-like his son, that time he’s wasting talking about me, it can be used to promote his son, but I know he fears Kenzo, Rema, Chameleone, Bobi wine and also feared late Radio

Saha advised the President of the Silent Majority Bebe Cool to stop seeking cheap public sympathy through likes, views and comments.

“His main problem is generating likes; Bebe yearns for an active page. If he wants to use some of us to invite those likes, it will be hard. Those are he’s own habits but then he’s depositing them on me, I don’t do drugs. “Saha revealed.

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