Ronald Mayinja fighting People Power
I am not after People Power but working for peace and unity - Singer Ronald Mayinja. Photo/Spark TV

I am not after competing Bobi Wine or People Power but work for peace and unity – Singer Ronald Mayinja

After the founding of the NGO, “All for Peace, Peace for All,” many people have continually criticized band singer Ronald Mayinja claiming that the newly launched organization is intended to compete with the people power and their presidential aspirant in the coming 2021 general elections Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu.

Talking to NTV, Mayinja rejected these claims, saying that there was a problem for people to recognize these values because it seemed to some of them to be another political party.

He eventually dealt with his problems with Bobi and his supporters insisting that everything is good.

He said,

“When these values were out, it appeared as another appeared as another party in the names of whom they took it to be. But they are still the same values I want to enforce in people power. When I listed them, the listeners thought these values are to stand for another pa

Mayinja further called for unity and argued that all other members should not leave the truck, but instead stand by the main objective.

“We should not lose track, let’s stand by the objective. These minor things should not disrupt us, we are yet to overcome bigger issues, “added Ronald Mayinja.

“I’m people power and everything within me is people power therefore I cannot vacate the party. There’s a lot that I’m personally going through which I cannot mention to scare other fighters.”

Ronald Mayinja fighting People Power
I am not after People Power but working for peace and unity – Singer Ronald Mayinja. Photo/Spark TV

Ronald Mayinja also wrote on his Facebook page,

“Hello my fellow Ugandans, I want to make this clear to the public about peace for all, All for peace. I’m not here to fight anyone’s political belief, cultural, social, religious, environmental beliefs or any other aspect but I want everyone’s idea to be tolerated in this countr

At the launch of the NGO, Ronald said that his goal was to unite all Ugandans, regardless of their political affiliation.

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This included the ruling party of the NRM. But to many in Bobi’s camp, this has been seen as a deception, and since then Mayinja has suffered a tirade of abuses by People Power on social media platforms.

Mayinja said during the press conference,

“We have five core values so far. One is to make a nationwide tour with a view of sensitizing Ugandans on the importance of peace and unity. We are also going to compose music in different languages for the same cause.”

He added,

“We are going to organize legal concerts with permission from the police. We are going to promote mutual respect. For one another regardless of political affiliations, religion, and tribe because we are all one as Ugandans.