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Oulanyah’s Death Shows We Need to Invest in the Health Sector
According to Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Deputy Spokesperson John Kikonyogo, Jacob Oulanyah's and Prof Tumusiime Mutebile's deaths are clear indications that the government needs to invest more deeply in the health sector. FILE PHOTO

John Kikonyogo, the Deputy Spokesperson for the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), said the death of Jacob Oulanyah and the former governor of the University of Nairobi, Prof Tumusiime Mutebile are excellent examples of why the government needs to invest heavily in the health sector.

The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party Deputy Spokesperson, John Kikonyogo has said the death of Jacob Oulanyah and that of the former BoU governor, Prof Tumusiime Mutebile are clear indications of why the government needs to invest deeply in the health sector.

Kikonyogo made the remarks on Monday while eulogizing the former Speaker’s death. He said it has become the norm that whenever a prominent person falls sick they are quickly transported to outside countries for better medication.

Kikonyogo however, said much as it is good that government wishes the best for its cadres, the idea is very costly to the country. He questioned what an ordinary Ugandan in the same situation would do yet the government every now and then continues to distort taxes from them.

Kikonyogo indicated that if the government could invest at least 15% of its budget in health, issues to do with Ugandans seeking medication outside the country would be tackled to some extent.

“Jacob Oulanyah and the last Governor Mutebile should be the last people to die outside Uganda. This can be done by investing over 15% of our budget in Health. We need to train and facilitate our young doctors on how to manage these diseases that force us to take our senior leaders.” Kikonyogo said.

He added that whether prominent or not, Ugandans are all entitled to proper treatment because they pay for it. He said the death of Oulanyah should act as a wake-up call to the government to do the need full.

Kikonyogo also stated that many locals who have sought education as doctors are forced to seek employment outside the country due to low pay and unemployment.

He said even those who decide to remain and work are easily compromised by bribes. Kikonyogo challenged that government needs to prioritise the issue of health because it is a very wanting area.

 “It hurts that we train our doctors here and donate them to hospitals in Kenya and South Africa. Only a fool can do that! To pay school fees for a child and give it away to the neighbours to offer services,” he challenged.

Meanwhile, this comes at a time when many Ugandans including those in the diaspora have since risen against the expenditure of nearly UGX 2 Billion to fly the late Speaker abroad for treatment yet the regime has done very little to improve healthcare facilities back in Uganda.

On this, many have also been overheard at times saying that taxpayers’ money was wasted in treating and transporting Oulanyah to the United States yet he still died,