Hoima District by-election results

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Party has disregarded Hoima District Woman by-elections result.

According to FDC, the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) Party rigged votes, in favour of their candidate Harriet Businge Mugenyi, which affected the Hoima District by-election results.

Patrick Amuriat, the FDC Party President commenting on yesterday’s declared Hoima District by-election results which indicated NRM contestants’ winners, said the NRM party rigged votes extensively that includes brutal harassment by the military officers against its supporters.

“Extensive election malpractices by the NRM that marred the electoral exercise during the campaign and climaxing on the voting day,”

Amuriat said.

“The excessive brutality by the military against our supporters and massive outright rigging through ballot stiffing using pre-ticked ballot and falsifying Hoima District by-election results just rein enforce the mockery to democracy, that comes with every election organised by the NRM junta. This makes the credibility of the outcome questionable.”

However, Amuriat says FDC is considering filing a petition against the declared Hoima District by-election results which indicated NRM candidate winner, after collecting solid evidence pinning NRM for its involvement in rigging votes during voting.

“In the next few hours after our field team have come up with a concrete dossier of malpractices, we will be deciding on our next course of actions, most probably petitioning against the result of this election,” Amuriat stated.

Despite the high level of vigilance during elections, electoral observers say; circulation of pre-ticked ballot papers in favour of the NRM candidate on the election day, arrests of opposition agents, partial participation of some security personals.

Also favouring NRM to the extent of trying to subvert the voters will allegations in some polling stations in Hoima District, largely affected voting and final Hoima District by-election results .

Crispin Kaheru, an election observer in his view said that supporters, ordinary citizens and candidates’ agents did a significant role in exposing some of the issues that affected Hoima district voting.

“Whereas the opposition parties and formations benefited a great deal from uniting behind a single candidate, the NRM leveraged its access to and use of State resources including government vehicles, and public officers to campaign for, and get the NRM candidate announced as the winner in the Hoima District Woman MP by-election,” Kaheru said.

But to President Museveni, NRM win in the just concluded elections was an indication that people are very much aware of where the light is, despite the opposition lies.

And an indication that NRM is still stronger with its vision.

In Museveni’s congratulatory message to the NRM ladies posted on his tweeter handle, said that the NRM structures are active and effective in the lives of Ugandans.

“Congratulations to my daughters, Businge Harriet Mugenyi (Hoima) and Tubo Christine Nakwang (Kaabong) for their victories in the Parliamentary by-elections. I congratulate the NRM structures in the two districts for doing a good job and delivering these victories. The NRM is stronger than ever and its vision is correct,” Museveni said via his tweeter handle.

“You have chosen to consolidate the NRM achievements, by voting a pro-development MP,” Museveni added.