Hoima woman MP by-election
Bobi Wine says President Museveni to blame for massive vote-rigging in Hoima woman MP by-election. File Photo

Bobi Wine just like the Forum for Democratic Change President, Patrick Amuriat rejected the Hoima woman MP by-election results

The Kyadondo East legislator and the People Power leader, Robert Kyagulanyi common name Bobi Wine just like the Forum for Democratic Change President, Patrick Amuriat rejected the Hoima Woman MP by-election results declared yesterday morning.

Bobi Wine in his remarks said that Hoima vote was not free and fair, because it was covered up by vote malpractices.

According to Bobi Wine, president Museveni interfered the election by deploying heavy military officers on the ground who in turn brutalised and harassed opposition supporters.

“As I did mention a few days ago, security forces have for these days deployed in Hoima, not to keep law and order but to help Museveni and his regime rig this election. So, many of our candidates’ supporters and agents were arrested. Many were brutalised, some of them are held in detention centres outside Hoima. On the day of voting, many were brutally chased away from polling stations. The tally centre was raided,” Bobi Wine stated.

Bobi Wine further disclosed that opposition members present on the voting day spent the day running up and down with vehicles which contained pre-ticked ballots in favour of the NRM candidate, Harriet Businge Mugenyi.

“Available information shows that they took advantage of the vastness of the district to staff ballot early morning in remote areas and were caught later in the day. Several people recorded these things on video, which is why Museveni and his regime are moving to ban cameras from polling stations.”

Bobi Wine went ahead to state that some opposition leaders did their best to frustrate Nyakoto’s victory.

In his message he says the opposition is blamed for losing the Hoima Woman MP by-election, because some opposition players played a role of upsetting the opposition candidate Asinansi Nyakato behind the scene, to frustrate her aimed goal of arriving in parliament.

He adds that People Power movement joined FDC to support Nyakato because People Power is a movement advocating for change, above anything else to liberate Uganda from the current dictatorship.

“It defeated all logic to see some leaders appear in the opposition, do everything to frustrate comrade Nyakato’s victory, simply because she embraced and identified with People Power,” Bobi Wine said.

Nevertheless, Bobi Wine urged the opposition team to prioritise Ugandans interests before considering their ambitions before 2021 general elections become a mess, on the opposition side.

“This most important thing is to pick lesions. These lesions are indeed invaluable as we prepare for the final onslaught come 2021,” Bobi Wine observed.

On Thursday, in a bid to exercise transparency in Hoima elections, polling stations were seen positioned outside, with some elections tables under Mango trees in Hoima District Woman MP by-election.

But still, opposition alleges that there was vote rigging arguing that their organisers had been intimidated in the lead-up to the election, with threats to file a lawsuit after gathering solid evidence against the claims.

NRM win against opposition could be a big blow towards Bobi Wine’s presidential ambition.

In July this year, the popular Musician turned politician announced his intentions to run for presidency come 2021 general elections challenging the incumbent, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

And earlier on, Bobi Wine said that he sees all by-elections as a chance to mobilise new supporters to his People Power Movement and encourage them to challenge the status quo.