Gilbert Bukenya COVID-19 taskforce
Former VP Bukenya, Norbert Mao, Lutamaguzi donates to COVID-19 Taskforce

Former Vice President Bukenya, Norbert Mao, and MP Lutamaguzi donates towards COVID-19 crisis through Taskforce

Former Vice President of the Republic of Uganda, His Excellency Gilbert Bukenya on Thursday 23 April 2020 donated bags of rice including four tons of maize flour to COVID-19 taskforce.

Prof. Bukenya handed over his COVID-19 relief contribution to the Prime Minister, Dr Ruhakana Rugunda.

“I am donating it on behalf of my little hotel, who constantly fast for Ugandans that were brought into the country by air who are victims of coronavirus,” Bukenya said.

Others who made COVID-19 relief items donations at the Prime Minister’s office included the Democratic Party (DP) led by the Party President, Norbert Mao.

DP donated over 5000 kilograms (5 tons) of maize flour and requested the task force to look beyond Kampala while giving out relief items.

“That the budget for food is still too little, the people being targeted are still too few, the geographical coverage is unsatisfactory. We would like the office of the Prime Minister to look at the poverty map,” Mao said.

Norbert Mao donates COVID-19 Taskforce
DP donated over 5000 kilograms (5 tons) of maize flour

Mao in his remarks expressed gratitude towards health workers on frontline and others on the frontline in the fight against coronavirus pandemic.

“The Democratic Party would like to thank the health workers, our doctors, nurses and paramedics who are on the frontline of this pandemic, our teachers, border officials, police and traffic, the Army, LDU and all other people who have been leading the response,” Mao said.

“Our country finds itself confronted not only by a virus that has infected some people but also by the hunger-stricken and a prospect of the deep economic recession that will cause a business to close and many people to lose their jobs and others nearly starve to death,” Mao added.

Mao says through their merger resources, DP has managed to donate to help Ugandans struggling during this coronavirus lockdown.

“Therefore, as we marshal our every resource and our every energy to fight this pandemic, working together with our members, the Democratic Party is putting in place measures to respond to the communities in dire need of food relief,” Mao said.

“The Democratic Party is donating 5 tons of cornflour to the Uganda National Task Force and further measures are under consideration and will be communicated to all Ugandans,” Mao added.

Dr Rugunda who received the donation commended DP for the good spirit saying there’s need for a united front against coronavirus pandemic.

Rugunda adds that on the COVID-19 National Task Force, all parties were represented saying anyone with good ideas to help fight COVID-19 should channel them through their respective representatives.

Also, the Nakaseke South Member of Parliament, Ssemkula Lutamaguzi donated two million shillings which he says should be deducted on his monthly salary until Uganda becomes a virus-free country.

“Part of my monthly salary of two million shillings will be deducted every month until when the government announces that Uganda is free from coronavirus,” Lutamaguzi said.