Makerere offers UGX 63,000 as COVID-19 relief
Makerere offers UGX 63,000 to each International student stranded in hostel. FILE PHOTO

Makerere offers UGX 63,000 as a COVID-19 relief  to each International student stranded in the hostel during this lockdown

Makerere University has announced that it will offer UGX 63,000 as COVID-19 relief to each International student stranded in hostels of residence during this lockdown.

Since the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus, the government has imposed drastic measures among others such as the closing of all schools, universities and institutions of learning to try and mitigate the spread of the virus.

This was also coupled with ordering all students particularly those at the universities to vacate from their hostels and halls of residence and return home.

However, the directive did not seem comfortable to the international students who could not travel back to their countries at that time because all borders and the airport were also closed at that time and up to now many of them are still stranded in these hostels and halls of residence.

And now following an extension of the lockdown for another 21 days by President Museveni, the University has promised to aid all students with financial support to help them through this period.

In a meeting of Makerere top management conducted online on Thursday, the University administrators resolved to give each stranded student UGX 63,000 as a relief until the whole COVID-19 lockdown period is over.

“At today’s online meeting of Top Management, it has been decided to give a relief package to International students in hostels and Livingstone and Africa Halls of residence for the remaining two weeks of lockdown. Each of these students will receive UGX 63,000 for feeding,” a statement from the university read.

With now no clear date of when schools should resume, the University also calls on the students to spend the money given to them wisely as they await a confirmation from the Ministry of Education about the new re-opening dates.

Makerere offers UGX 63,000 as COVID-19 relief
Makerere offers UGX 63,000 to each International student stranded in hostel. FILE PHOTO

Last month, the education minister, Janet Museveni had announced that schools and universities would reopen on April 27th but then following increasing concerns about the coronavirus, the lockdown was extended up to 5th May.

On Monday, Janet Museveni said that schools and universities should remain patient adhering to all directives in place and that progress in curbing the coronavirus pandemic will determine when normal business countrywide will return.

Meanwhile, coronavirus cases in Uganda have struck high after an additional 11 cases were confirmed yesterday by the health ministry bringing the total number of cases to 74 with 46 recoveries and no single death.