FROM TUBONGE NAWE, RED TOP TO GREEN TIE: Is Chameleone living up to his name?
FROM TUBONGE NAWE, RED TOP TO GREEN TIE: Is Chameleone living up to his name?

FROM NRM’s TUBONGE NAWE, People Power’s RED TOP, now to Democratic Parties GREEN TIE: Is Chameleone living up to his name?

Recently he was putting on a red top, now he has gone with a green tie. That is Chameleone and by nature of what his name is, he changes colours. DP should not get excited, a Chameleone keeps on changing colours,” the NRM spokesperson Rogers Mulindwa said.

Earlier this week, Joseph Mayanja commonly known by his stage name Chameloene was this week ushered into the Democratic Party (DP) and also appointed National Mobiliser of the party.

However, according to the Mukono Municipality member of Parliament, Hon Betty Nambooze Bakireke in order for one to become part of the Democratic Party, there are branches he or she has to follow and the singer still has a lot of steps to follow before assuming a position.

Nambooze who is also the Democratic Party Vice President for Buganda Region said that the party President Norbert Mao undermined the law and principle when he appointed the singer and moreover to the role of a national mobiliser.

“One should join DP through a branch, you go to a village from where you join the party and the National Executive Committee will be notified. If Chameleone joined DP, he still has a lot of steps to take before he assumes these positions he was appointed to,” Nambooze said.

“In reference to party constitution article 64 (2005); only a person that has been a party member for at least 10 years shall qualify to be elected to Vice President or President of that party, while any other positions are possible if that person has been an active member for at least two years,” Nambooze added.

Nambooze also went on to claim that the new entrant is not a person anyone can trust because he is good at changing colours like a Chameleone.

“At one time he announced that he had converted to Muslim, the Muslims got so excited and he eventually came back to the Catholic religion. It is now up to him to prove that his Chameleone thing ends in his music and doesn’t spill into politics,” Nambooze said.

Meanwhile, in contrast to Nambooze’s statement, the National Resistance Movement (NRM) stated that they have never had the singer as a registered member.

“It is surprising to us when we hear that he is walking out of NRM. How does he walk out when he has never walked in?” Mulindwa said.

By John Dalton Kigozi

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