Gen Tumwine defends himself
Gen Tumwine Rubbishes Ogwal and Atkins accusations against him, they want to tarnish my reputation

Ogwal and Atkins accusations against me are false intended to tarnish my character and reputation – Gen Tumwine

Security Minister, Gen Elly Tumwine has denied accusations filed against him by the Dokolo Woman Member of Parliament, Cecilia Ogwal and Atkins Katusabe, the Bukonzo West Member of Parliament.

He appeared on Tuesday before the Committee of Parliament on Legal, Privileges and Discipline for the third time to provide his defence on the matter.

Gen Elly Tumwine was referred to the Committee of Parliament on Legal, Privileges and Discipline after he was accused of contempt of parliament by Atkins Katusabe, the Bukonzo West legislator on the 23 of July 2019, on the floor of parliament and person of the Speaker following life-threatening threats he threw at the Dokolo Woman legislator, Cecilia Ogwal.

Tumwine says they are false and malicious accusations against him with intentions of damaging his reputation and the military which he represents.

General Tumwine was appearing before the Committee to defend himself on allegations that he attempted to beat Cecilia Ogwal something he has denied saying it’s intended to damage his reputation and that of the military.

Delivering his written defence, Gen Tumwine informed the committee that Katusabe and Ogwal falsely accused him with clear intentions of tarnishing the reputation he has built for years.

“The allegations made by Hon Katusabe Atkins and Hon Cecilia Ogwal against me are false! I repeat are false, malicious, taken out of politics and made with specific intentions of demeaning my character, my reputation,” Gen Tumwine said.

Tumwine says the private meeting Atkins claimed they had with him, was not between two people it was a three-person meeting including the State Minister for Health, Sarah Achieng Opendi. He says what Atkins tabled in parliament was a conversation taken out of context.

“If anything happens to me! Whether it’s direct shooting, accident, food poisoning, I know Gen Elly Tumwine is involved,” Ogwal said.

Gen Tumwine says Ogwal’s statements are full of lies and insists that he has never put his gun on her.

“And I am not denying that I talked to her, I am not denying that I told her she’s a liar I am not denying that I called her to come and look at my painting, I told her I was holding a book and for him on the television was saying I was touching, I said that’s another lie,” Tumwine said.

The parliamentary CCTV footage showed Gen Tumwine exchanging words with the Dokolo Woman MP Cecilia Ogwal.

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Tumwine says he regrets the incidence but said that Ogwal has evil intentions against him.

However, he says he’s going to defend himself and expose her evil plans to the world.

“We meditated malicious effort on my name and I am going to expose it and fight it and defend myself and tell the world that the moment you attack the integrity of any person or any institution you are entirely responsible and you should be asked to account,” Tumwine said.

Gen Tumwine was then discharged after his submission by the committee chairperson, Clement Ongola Obote but members stayed for a closed-door meeting.