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With the constant evolution of technology, you probably realize how crucial the Internet is to our lives. MTN Office Internet ensures you have a good connection for every business operation to ensure its efficiency towards achieving goals.

Considering the constant technological advancements in the world today, you have probably realized how vital the Internet is to our lives. 

In that case, MTN Office Internet provides you with good internet connectivity for every business operation, ensuring its efficiency towards achieving goals. 

MTN Uganda was proud to announce the launching of a new Internet product for businesses. It launched a campaign theme enabling businesses to get more access to their customers with MTN Office internet. 

It’s a product that is specifically tailored to meet the internet needs of small to medium business owners. It offers them unlimited, reliable, and fast internet access at a flexible monthly cost. 

They can get affordable yet complete Internet to meet all business internet connectivity needs: webinars, online meetings, large file transfers, email, fast web browsing, and connectivity for cloud applications. 

And also access to all essential business information for efficient operations.

MTN office internet has made Uganda to be recognized as one of the most entrepreneurial countries in the world, with the majority of businesses aspiring to go online to earn their fair share of the eminent digital business dividends. 

Companies must adopt internet technologies from digital marketing to closing deals and managing business operations to stay on track. 

Digitalisation has made the world become a global village. It means businesses should stay connected for efficient communication among themselves, suppliers, customers, and other audiences, quickly done with MTN office internet. 

Its effect has seen positive results and excellent performance for businesses already using this newly launched affordable and reliable unlimited internet connectivity product. 

The Best Office Internet for Your Business 

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MTN office internet delivers fixed services with high bandwidth and speed. They’ll provide you with the best Internet for your business, guaranteed to meet its objectives. 

They are also reliable, with 24/7 direct connectivity to the Internet. 

Here are the benefits you’ll enjoy

  • Dedicated 24/7 support.
  • Reliable as geographically redundant Internet upstream links support it
  • Scalable: you can increase your bandwidth as the need arises
  • Guaranteed availability with competitive Service Level Agreements


  • Symmetrical bandwidth capacities— same capacity on uplink and downlink
  • Unlimited data volume.
  • Access to a monitoring tool for your Internet link.

Start using MTN Internet Office in Uganda

Visit the MyMTN App and click on “Buy”, then select ‘Business solutions’ to sign up. 

Choose between the Business Internet Lite package that offers speeds of up to 20Mbps at Ugx.195,000/= per month or the Business Internet Essential package that offers speeds of up to 40Mbps at only Ugx.295,000/= per month. 

Both packages offer unlimited data connectivity for 30 days. 

MTN Uganda, a firm in the telecommunications niche, was launched in October 1998 and has seen its market share rise yearly since its establishment. 

It’s renowned for its innovation and ambition to be the first to market life-changing telecommunication and IT solutions. 

With its continued success and a loyal customer base, its future looks brighter. 

There’s no lie that MTN Uganda is among the leading internet solution provider in Uganda that delivers a bold new digital world for customers.