Grace Khan interview Kojja Kitonsa TV
Singer Grace Khan cries during a live TV interview after being called UGLY by fans. File Photo

Singer Grace Khan cries in a live TV interview after being questioned about her life-time social media worst comment from fans

Singer Grace Khan cries as she describes her worst social media moment on a live interview. It was a tough time for singer all through an interview on Spark TV’s popular show, 21 QUESTIONS hosted by Gabbi Ntaate, the cool Christian.

As the interview progressed, Grace Khan still had the potential to crush almost every question, but as in life there were ups and downs, the moment turned into a nightmare after Ntaate asked her a thought-provoking question.

Responding to the question, Singer Grace Khan became emotional and could no longer hold it, but irresistibly tears began to roll from her eyes.

She tried to hide from the camera, making her hair curls in a different style, even though the camera staff emphasized this character as he zoomed closer to a clear view.

Gabbi Ntaate asked, “Grace, what is the worst moment that you always remember on social media? Something that someone did or commented and you don’t forget it.”

Grace Khan answered miserably,

“Aaah… ha, there are many things but the most painful moment was when someone commented that I am ugly… (Tears irresistibly rolling down her face)”

Gabbi tried to comfort her by firming up phrases that made the situation worse again, to the extent that her tongue could not be stimulated to speak a word.

Grace Khan interview Kojja Kitonsa TV
Singer Grace Khan cries during a live TV interview after being called UGLY by fans. File Photo

Later on, like an ironwoman, Grace Khan gathered confidence and allowed the interview to proceed.

“You are not ugly, you are beautiful. You have a nice voice, you have a nice body shape not like us who always fight to make it work out,” said Gabbi

“(sneezing suddenly) … We are made in God’s image. “Grace replied.

For many weeks now, Grace Khan has been a victim of cyber-bullying because her manager, Kojja Kitonsa of Bakitonsa Herbal and Research Center, dumped her once he met with his wife, Ssenga Namatovu, on their child’s birthday ‘ Akhika. ‘

On that note, Gabbi went ahead to query Grace, “You are among the people who have encountered cyberbullying for some time. How have you been feeling for all this time and didn’t you cry?”

“Understand, everyone experiences such trials on social media but then I am okay with whatsoever is happening. I am not affected personally since it was showbiz and I don’t regret anything. Besides, I didn’t cry, for certain things don’t make me cry, I have taken long minus cryin

In due course, she apologized to her fans who had been offended by the social media epic.

She has ensured that she brings more music, including collaborations, works hard for the BET Award in two years, and also chooses to be the best artist in East Africa.

“I want to go international; I want to lift Uganda’s Flag high. We go abroad and bring BET home…You said two years…haaa… I want to first overwhelm East Africa. I apologize to my fans that were upset by what we were doing however, I was not hurt,” said Grace Khan.