Who is Halima Namakula?
Who is Halima Namakula?

Who is Halima Namakula? Flash Uganda Media looks at her biography, age, husband, songs, education and background, Humanitarian Work and music.

Halima Namakula is a Ugandan music artist, actress and humanitarian. She made a name in the 70s when she joined a drama group known as Black pearls where she spent a couple of years before flying to Oklahoma USA to join his husband. 

Halima is known for her hit singles such as Dembe, sambagala, Ekimbewo that she released in the late 90s and introduced her to the music scene. 

In 2009 she was nominated to represent Uganda in the Mrs World beauty pageant. She once had a radio station called Beat FM which she failed to run and sold it to capital FM.

Education and early life 

Halima Namakula was born on January 1st 1960 in Mulago hospital and she is the second born of the family and the only girl in seven children although only two of her siblings are still alive. 

Mrs Afuwa Namuddu is her mother and Halima was raised in the city suburbs of Kalerwe and she attended Mandal primary school currently Bat valley primary school and City high school before conceiving and giving birth to her first son at the age of 15. 

After becoming pregnant she left school and concentrated on raising her first son Ham Dee. 

Namakula was married to Samuel Semaala Kiwanuuka who passed on in 1991 and left her with two children namely Ham Dee and Rachel Kay both based in the USA. She says they both meant in the drama group known as Black pearls which were famous in the 70s.  

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Her husband was the first to fly to USA Oklahoma city and after settling she came for his wife Halima. When growing up she recalls being a tomboy since she had grown up with boys and she was the only girl in the family.

halima namakula ekimbewo songs
She is known for her hit singles such as Dembe, sambagala, Ekimbewo that she released in the late 90s.

Music career 

Halima Namakula is an afrobeat artist and growing up she never thought that she will ever sing in her entire life since she was more of a drama actor and movie actor. 

One day she went to the studio to watch his son Ham Dee record music and his son Ham Dee influenced him to record a nursery rhyme she used to sing in the kitchen and this was Ekimbewo. 

After its recording, Halima says she never expected the song to be a big hit in Uganda but on her surprise, the nursery rhyme turned out to be a blockbuster hit. 

She says she managed to come up with such a song with the help of his son Ham Dee and his long time friend Robert Segawa who could back him in the studio when recording. 

In 2000 he went to Kasiwukira studio and teamed up with Steve Jean and came up with another beautiful afrobeat song known as Dembe which turned out to be another hit single in her career. She later teamed up with Moses Ssali or Bebe Cool and released a song called Sambagala which was also another big hit in 2004. 

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She is among the legendary singers who was a dance major but turned out to be a singer and made it to the top with critics saying she isn’t vocally gifted at all. 

In 2008 Halima celebrated her 10th anniversary in the music industry and she held a flopped show at Kati Kati grounds. At the same show, she invited two international artists K-CI and Jojo. 

In 2012 Namakula released another song called Digida although it didn’t take her miles she restrained herself from the nursery rhymes she was found of releasing.  

In 2007 Halima together with her son started their record label called No- Entertainment which also had a studio and their producer was Kiwuuwa.

Acting career 

Halima Namakula started her acting career as a stage actress when she was young and still in school and she started in a famous group known as the Black pearls that were famous in the 70s.

She says that she meant with her husband in the same group before he passed on in 1991. 

After the death of her husband, she relocated back home and continued with her acting career and she did this by joining a TV opera called That’s life mwattu of the Ebonies that was popular in the 90s and she featured in the TV opera as Michelle. 

She has gone ahead to feature in various music videos.

Humanitarian Work

Halima Namakula runs a charity organization called Women at Work International that initially worked with girls and women but she recently added boys. 

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She founded the organization in 2003 and she later got in touch with a one Dr Sherry Thomas from the USA who donated her with time to treat fistula victims in 2012.  

After a successful campaign Halima she chose to continue with the sensitization campaign through mobilizing and referring to hospitals and she also hosted a fistula walk in 2013


Since 1999 Halima has released five albums which include.

  • Ekimbeewo, 1999
  • Tonkutula, 2000
  • Kyama kyange, 2001
  • Sambagala, 2004
  • Ntuse jendaga, 2008

Halima Namakula Songs 

  • Ekimbeewo
  • Tonkutula 
  • Omusajja wa taxi
  • Tuzina
  • Cheza
  • Sambagala
  • Africa yetu
  • Watoto WA mungu
  • Kibaduguda

Awards and nomination 

  • 2004, kora award, nominee
  • 2005, kora award, nominee
  • 2009, Diva Awards, presented her with a lifetime achievement award
  • 2009/ 2010 new vision and DFCU woman achiever of the year award 
  • In 2009 she was Mrs Uganda and represented Uganda in the 2009 Mrs World Pageant that took place in Vietnam. 
namakula beat fm radio station
She runs a charity organization called Women at Work International.

Relationship Status

Halima Namakula was married to the late Samuel Sematta who passed away in 1991 and left her with two children. After ten years Halima started dating again although she doesn’t name the guy she dates of late.


In 2003 Halima Namakula‘s Radio station Beat FM was shut down by the broadcasting council for operating without a license and she ended up selling the radio station to Capital FM.

In 2007 she was sued for Shs 57 million for running over a three-year-old child and in 2012 she was arrested for littering the city of Kampala with posters of her ndimuzadde concert.