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Ham is a Ugandan businessman.

Who is Hamis Kiggundu?: Flash Uganda Media looks at his biography, age, family, wife, tribe, relationship with Martha Ainomugisha, net worth, businesses, properties, Forbes, house, work and experience, house, Diamond Trust Bank fraud, and the CEO of the Ham Group of Companies.

Hamis Kiggundu aka Ham is a Ugandan businessman, real estate and property developer, investor, a lawyer by profession, philanthropist and author. 

He is the CEO of the Ham Group of Companies.

In addition to Sudhir RupareliaHam is also rated as one of the wealthiest Ugandans with an estimated net worth of $870M as of March 2021 by Forbes.

Early Life and Education

Hamis Kiggundu was born in Masaka District current Kalungu District, Lukerere village in 1984, Central Region of Uganda. 

He was born to Mr Haruna Segawa and Mrs Nakayiza Jalia, who is part of a family with extensive property investments in Kampala.

Ham was born and raised in an Islamic home. He says in his lifetime, Islam is the highest achievement.

After attending local schools in Masaka, Ham joined Kabojja International School in Kampala District for his high school education. 

Thereafter, Makerere University Kampala from where he graduated with a Bachelor of Laws and later the Law Development Centre (LDC) graduating with a diploma in legal practice.


Hamis Kiggundu has handled various projects including Nakivubo Stadium redevelopment and upgrade, renamed Nakivubo Memorial Stadium and expands sitting capacity from 30,000 to 35000. 

The stadium will comprise retail shops inside the outside wall of the facility. 

This project was dedicated to him in 2015, by the president of the Republic of Uganda, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. The president wanted to see a modern sports facility of the times.

The multi-million dollar facility is funded by Hamis Kiggundu himself.

Kiggundu learnt the business from his father who was a businessman in Kampala, dealing in textiles. He used to assist his father in business transactions during school holidays and this grew his confidence and experience in the business sector.

Later, after school, his father gave him startup capital to begin his business venture. Kiggundu began small locally dealing in merchandise from first-hand importers abroad, and selling them at a profit.

With time as capital inflow accumulated, Kiggundu advanced to firsthand importers importing goods from China, Thailand, Dubai and Hongkong. He became a distributor of commodities in Uganda, Sudan, DRC, Tanzania and Kenya.

Thereafter, he ventured into real estate, Transportation, technology, and the industrial sector which necessitated his rise to financial influence.

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Motivational books: Success and Failure Based on Reality and Reason are among his works. FILE PHOTO


In April 2020 Hamis Kiggundu donated food relief to Uganda’s COVID-19 task force plus food supplies to over 100 Ugandan journalists through the Uganda Journalists Association (UJA), cash handouts to journalists for which he was criticized of.

In July 2021, Kiggundu donated to the Uganda Government a total of Shs 530 Million to help in the purchase of COVID-19 vaccine doses for Ugandans and additionally called upon other able Ugandans and corporate entities to join him in saving lives as a way of giving back to the Ugandan Community.

In February 2020, Hamis Kiggundu dragged Diamond Trust Bank to court over fraud issues. He allegedly accused the bank of fraud of over 30millionUSD (ugx34.29bn) and 23.4millionUSD, under what he termed “unclear debits” in 10 years period.

In October 2020, Kiggundu won the case and Diamond Trust Bank got instructed to refund all the money Kiggundu lost on his account amounting to 34.29billion including 8% interest legal costs by the High Court in Kampala.

The court additionally ordered the bank to unconditionally release/discharge all mortgages allegedly created over all Kiggundu’s properties and all corporate and personal guarantees issued by Kiggundu. 

The court also issued a permanent injunction to prevent DTB from enforcing the mortgages over Kiggundu’s properties. DTB Bank later appealed the decision in the High Court and was issued an injunction halting payment of the monies.

In another case, Kiggundu and Buganda Kingdom are currently pulling ropes with the Buganda Kingdom over Kigo Land. 

Kiggundu is allegedly accused of grabbing land in Kigo measuring 140 acres owned by the Buganda Kingdom.

But according to Kiggundu, his accusers are thieves who are using the Kabaka name to steal from ordinary men and women.

Awards and Recognition

In 2018, Hamis Kiggundu was awarded as a way of acknowledging his book titled: Success and Failure Based on Reason and Reality. 

Kiggundu’s book was nominated the best book of the year at an event arranged by the Book Forum of Uganda in Kampala.


Hamis Kiggundu is a Ugandan author

He has written motivational books: Success and Failure Based on Reality and Reason as the World masterpiece.


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Hamis Kiggundu is constructing a multi-billion dollar state of the art White House in Entebbe. FILE PHOTO

Hamis Kiggundu has various projects in the country that include; Ham Integrated Agro-Processing Industries an Agro-Processing plant, Ham Group of Companies, Ham Shopping Ground in downtown Kampala City, Ham Towers the first shopping mall he built, Real Estate where he’s constructing 500 gated luxury homes on a 200-acre piece of land, among others.

Hamis Kiggundu is constructing a White House in Entebbe, a multi-billion state of the art building. It comes fully equipped with its helipad and will be a regional tourist attraction.

The White House is a reflection of the White House in the US. It will house the headquarters for all his companies.

Kiggundu as well owns a commercial property in the United Kingdom located at 375 Moston Lane Manchester M40 9NB trading as Ham International UK Ltd. 

The other properties include a Logistics Company trading as Ham International Express Logistics LLC based in Euless, Texas having various trucks distributing logistics across America.

Additionally, he owns a multimedia platform company named Hamz Link Ltd in Edmonton Canada. 

Through this link, Kiggundu runs an online learning platform, Hamz Campus, Hamz Wave, a Video Streaming App, and Hamz Line a social media platform.

Other projects include a charity organization named Ham Foundation that aims at social development. 

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In Entebbe, the White House looks identical to that in the US. FILE PHOTO


Hamis Kiggundu is in a relationship with Martha Ainomugisha. Besides, Kiggundu has children from other women.