Henry Tigan biography
Who is Henry Tigan?

Who is Henry TiganFlash Uganda Media looks at his biography, Age, music, wife, songs, house, family, early life and education of Henry Tony Kirumaganyi.

Henry Tigan is a Ugandan reggae, dancehall, zouk and raga musician who hit the music scene in 2005 with his title track called Emilaga. 

Tigan is different from most of the musicians in the country and this can be told in the kind of instrument he chose to play which is a xylophone and he was once signed under Suudi Entertainment and through this management, he managed to scoop a couple of international collaborations including Maron Asher and many more Jamaican artists. 

He later quit the management in 2010 and joined the Kamokya based Firebase crew where he spent a couple of years and decided to start a solo career. 

Although he does various music genres, music critics say that Tigan should stick to reggae music genre because his vocal ranges blend comfortably well with the style. 

Henry picked his name Tigan from his last name Tony and he started using it as his stage name.

Early life and education 

Henry Tigan birth name Henry Tony Kirumaganyi was born on 22nd November 1984 in Entebbe. He started his education journey at St. Steven Nursery school he then joined Luzira primary school and later changed to Nkumba primary school in Entebbe. 

Tigan joined Africana Whiteland now Seroma Christian high school for his secondary education and he studied his entire o level from this school. 

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After his o level, Henry Tigan joined Lubiri high school for his A level and in 2005 he joined Kyambogo University were pursued a Bachelors in Adult and Community Education. 

Music career 

Henry Tigan says he started his musical journey when he was still in school. Henry says he used to participate in music competitions organized at school which included dance and drama competitions. He could win trophies for his respective classes and houses and most of his compositions were original. 

During his campus time, Henry Tigan joined the music industry and he released his first song titled Emilaga which was produced by a legendary producer Steve Jean and it’s at this time that he meant with Suudi Lukwago of Suudi Entertainment who signed him and he officially became his manager.

Tigan found a musical success under Suudi Entertainment. In 2007 with his manager, he released his breakthrough hit called Lwaki Oninza which was produced Kiwuuwa and in the same year he released another reggae track titled Abogezi. 

He managed to be nominated in the pearl of Africa music awards in 2008 as the best breakthrough artist. He collaborated with a Jamaican artist called Maron Asher and released a song called my country he also featured Might Mystic on a title track called Pretty girl.

Suudi Entertainment hooked up collaboration with Bobi wine in 2009 and they released a song called Aneganye which was produced by Paddy man. In that same year, Henry Tigan released various singles including loose control, wadawa, Namufunye. 

Henry Tigan joined the music industry
Tigan says he started his musical journey when he was still in school.

By 2009 Tigan had had a musical success and his management decided to organize a concert which was not successful and he ended up falling out with his management of Suudi. He later released a song titled Mr Matama which was a direct attack on Suudi.

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After quitting Suudi Entertainment, Tigan joined firebase crew and he released a couple of songs such as voom voom, aneganye, Malaika and many more. 

He later also left firebase and he started a solo career but he has struggled to make it to the top again but his music sounds fresh and his positivity message makes his music special. 

Tigan says it was intentional for him to take a music break but not to quit music like how some critics say.


  • Pearl of Africa music awards, best new artist, 2008


  • Pearl of Africa music awards, best reggae artist, 2007
  • Hipipo awards, best afro song, 2015

Henry Tigan Songs

  • Emilanga, 2005
  • Lwaki oniza, 2007
  • Abogezi, 2007
  • Out of control, 2009
  • Muzudde, 2010
  • Aneganyi, 2009
  • Nsimye gwe, 2009
  • Webale mukama, 2011
  • Mr Matama ft Hilderman 
  • Wadawa, 2010
  • Silimulimba
  • My country ft Maron Asher
  • Pretty gal
  • Taala yange
  • Feeling, 2011
  • Love enzita, 2008
  • Empisa zo, 2011
  • Mukwano gwe
  • Voom voom
  • Nyinimu
  • Kebeza
  • Magezi
  • Obulamu
  • Kola nyoo
  • Sweet wine
  • Leka nkole
  • Ssisaga
  • Obuvuka ft Bobi wine ft Nubian li
Henry Tigan and wife Sharon Nakato twins
He married Sharon Nakato, who later gave birth to twins making Henry Tigan a Ssalongo.


Henry Tigan married Sharon Nakato and in 2019 he was introduced to the home of Nakato’s parents. 

The two had been dating for years and they had a kid together but early this year Nakato gave birth to twins making Henry Tigan a Ssalongo officially and he didn’t hide the happiness he went ahead and shared his happiness through his social media platforms. 

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Henry and Sharon, they officially have three kids together and their relationship is going on well.

Charity work 

Tigan apart from music he runs an organization called the Civilian Barracks where they carry out community reach outs, sensitization and creating awareness among people accordingly and it’s a youth organization and he was in plans of starting a farming project for them.


Henry Tigan was signed by Suudi Lukwago in 2005 but they later fell out over claims that Suudi was cheating him in terms of monetary payment. Tigan claimed that he had signed a contract with Sony records through Suudi and he was meant to receive 30 million per year but he never received any coin from Lukwago and this led to their separation in 2010. 

The battle didn’t end from there Tigan went ahead and attacked suudi man through a song called Mr Matama featuring Hilderman.

After leaving suudi entertainment Tigan joined Firebase crew were he spent a couple of years but he never recorded any musical success while at the Kamokya based group. Tigan later left the group and said he had suffered a lot of sets back while in the group. 

He added that Bobi wine had taught him how to smoke weed and this completely ruined his life and career. He was also once taken to rehab so that he can get off the drugs and he came out different and a new person.