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Who is crysto panda?

Who is Crysto PandaFlash Uganda Media looks at his biography, Age, music, girlfriend, songs, house, family, early life and education of Herbert Kityamuweesi.

Crysto Panda is a renowned emcee, TV personality best defined by hosting a teens’ show dubbed T-Nation on NTV and currently he has sparkled on the music scene with his remix debut titled Kyoyina Omanya featuring Sheebah Karungi. However, he describes himself as an Emcee, fashionista, events’ organizer, actor and motivational speaker.

Other than TV, Crysto Panda believes would have been a doctor although his parents were too poor to pay for his tuition. 

Early Life and Education

Herbert Kityamuweesi professionally Crysto Panda is the firstborn child of his late mother and second for his late father. 

He was born on May 5, 1995, in the central region of Uganda in a place called Kabonera in Masaka district. Crysto Panda went to St Jude primary school, Najjanankumbi, St Monica SS for O’Level and St John’s SS in Masaka for A ‘Level. 

Since his parents passed away at an early age, Panda struggled to put himself through school.

He graduated in 2019 with a Diploma in Mass Communication and Journalism at Datamine Technical Business School where he paid his tuition as well as looking after his three brothers.

Panda Herbert Kityamuweesi
He started as a school quiz host on WBS TV in 2014 and it’s from there that he joined NTV Uganda for T-Nation.

How the name Crysto Panda came about?

An acronym Crysto stands for ‘Chances Are Yet Supposed To Be Opened’ and Panda is an inspiration from an American rapper Designer’s song which goes by the same name. 

He, therefore, loved the song so much because of its great energy and vibe.

Television Career

Crysto Panda started as a school quiz host on WBS TV in 2014 and it’s from there that he joined NTV Uganda for T-Nation. While with NTV, he worked on probation for almost a year and was officially named host in April 2016.

“It’s all about passion and self-belief so I didn’t join TV to become a star. And not many people can be on probation for a year without payment,” said Crysto Panda.

Before joining T-Nation on NTV, it was hosted by Sheila Gashumba so Panda faced a challenge when many people compared his work to the former but eventually, he disproved them.

“People dissed me during the first shows but it was just a matter of time before they kept quiet. My only strategy was minding my business and doing my thing letting people get used to me. Now I am the Buzz award winner for two years in a row,” Crysto Panda said.

Panda was in the race for The Beat host job after celebrated TV personality Douglas Lwanga had left NTV for another contract on NBS TV.

“One of the producers called me at night to sit in for The Beat but I was a bit nervous. I contacted my stylist Abbas Kaijuka for a good outfit. I panicked and knelt down as I always do before going on air and said a little prayer. ‘Jesus you know where I came from and you know where I am heading, so if this is where you want me to be, then please make me do a good show’,” he said.

Unfortunately, he didn’t make it in the audition, “not winning was okay with me because I was sitting in for Douglas. In a competition, don’t expect to win every time because there are winners and losers so it wasn’t my day. Fortunately am still on NTV doing T-Nation.”

According to him, T-Nation is the best show ever because he gets himself hanging out with fans and so it’s heartwarming despite being a people person. He also rates himself as a starter who sees himself going far and becoming the best TV presenter Uganda has ever had.

panda and sheebah karungi kyoyina omanya
He has done a remix of his relatively hit song Kyoyina Omanya featuring Sheeba Karungi.

Despite hosting a unique show, Crysto Panda looks up to Douglas Lwanga how he handles artistes. He says Douglas advised him to start up his event which he named Panda Turn Up for Teens. Douglas still connected him to many people as well as getting him sponsors for the events therefore he’s a mentor.

Music Career

Crysto Panda believes in versatility and he feels that in Uganda for one to be rich shouldn’t depend on one thing. He, therefore, wanted to benefit from artistes because he plays their music on his shows and according to him, he’s given free collaborations.

He has done a remix of his relatively hit song Kyoyina Omanya featuring Sheeba Karungi. His second debut is Ediruma Abayaye which is becoming an anthem in Uganda.

“Since most people have known me from TV, I won’t quit TV for music but I will produce more music because you can’t hold a concert with only two songs,” said Panda.


  • 2017/Teens Favorite TV presenter
  • 2018/Teens Favorite TV presenter


  • 2017/Buzz Teeniez Awards
  • 2018/Buzz Teeniez Awards


Crysto Panda and his girlfriend whom he doesn’t disclose anywhere had a bouncing baby girl who suddenly passed away in 2020 after one week. Panda says his relationship with his girlfriend ended because of girls. 

His ex-girlfriend thought he was simply playing around because of having many pretty friends so she dumped him without caring to know the truth.

Crysto Panda calls himself
Crysto Panda calls himself “King of the Mic”


Crysto Panda on how he feels about Sheila Gashumba

“No one is really paid what they want and I cannot blame media houses. Everyone would want more but what matters is how you use the little you are paid. So if any company pays you shs50,000 like she said but they see you in clubs buying alcohol of shs600,000 ,then how do you expect them to add you more money?” Panda.

“For me, am paid more than 50K because I probably host the show alone but I can’t say am satisfied because there’s really never enough money,” he added.

The #NBSSNL and #NTVDanceParty competition

“This competition is healthy and there’s no bad blood between. The other side my music is played on the shows and even after we talk but it’s some fans who have the negativity that we cannot have a healthy competition which is not right,” said Crysto Panda.

“This competition is working for everyone because my following and fan base have tremendously grown during this period and so has it for everyone else on the show. That means the engagement and impact the shows have is really good, that’s why I think the government should have even stopped people from paying for TV subscription so that they enjoy fully because these shows relieve stress,” he added.

Crysto Panda calls himself “King of the Mic”

“I call myself the king of the mic so it doesn’t mean that MC Kats is not, am a king in my way and him in his own way. I respect him so much because he’s a legend and many MCs look up to him. I believe in myself so much so if I call myself king of the Mic, I don’t disrespect anyone and if someone feels is better than me, am okay for a battle.”

People criticize him for hosting a teens’ show

“I have been criticized for hosting the show but I want people to understand something that presenting is not about the age, but the way you fit in. Many young people have aspired for the show but they have failed and I have no problem leaving the show, but my bosses feel I am still good for it. Even when I leave T-Nation, my life is about dealing with schools so I will be organizing events and proms as I put them on my YouTube channel.”

Favourite meal

  • Matooke and meat


Ideal fashion style.

  • Trending thuggish style.