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list top 10 beaches uganda
One Love Beach

Whether you are searching for a secluded and rustic beach or a modern and lively beach, our list provides you with a glimpse of some of the most stunning beaches in Uganda.

If you’re looking for a relaxing day at the beach, our carefully compiled list features some of the most beautiful beaches in Uganda, suitable for everyone no matter what style of beach you prefer.

In Uganda, one can enjoy a day at the beach with clean, lovely white sand, celestial sunrises, and amazing rare birds. And these are only a few of the things to do and enjoy at the beach. The top best beaches in the country are listed below.

One Love Beach

one love beach busabala

One Love Beach is one of the most loved beaches in Uganda owned by well-known artist Bobi Wine. One Love Beach, which lies in Busabala, is a nice spot to unwind and take in the lake breeze on a hot day. 

Visitors can take part in entertaining beach volleyball matches, sunbathing, strolls down the shore, thrilling boat trips, and other activities. 

If you get hungry, the beach also has a wide selection of food, snacks, and alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Regular community gatherings are held on the beach.

Imperial Beaches

Imperial Resort Beaches

Two beaches; Imperial Resort Beach and Imperial Botanical Beach, are both located southwest of Kampala. They are great for swimming and sunbathing on a sunny afternoon. 

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The Imperial Beach Resort Hotel operates the two beaches, which are close to one another. There are several beautiful and rare birds, exotic trees, and plants to be found in the Imperial Botanical Beach. 

The setting here is ideal for photography. It’s common to see hotel guests or beachgoers taking in magical sunsets, tanning, or participating in water sports. It’s the perfect place to be on weekends because it holds events.

Spennah Beach

One of the locals’ favorite beaches and a popular gathering place is Spennah Beach located in Entebbe. This beach is known for hosting weddings, birthday parties, fashion exhibits, and music festivals during most weekends. On other days from Monday to Friday, it’s a bit quieter. 

Couples, groups of friends, and families can be seen relaxing on the white-sanded beach. This beach is the ideal location if you want to get to know the locals who live in the neighborhood.

Lutembe beach

lutembe beach entebbe

Lutembe Beach is located in the Wakiso District just four kilometers off the Kampala Entebbe Road. Visitors can find it next to the Lutembe wetlands. 

It also serves as a bird refuge and the Ugandan breeding ground for the white-winged tern. Visitors interested in bird watching and photography should visit Lutembe Beach. 

The best thing about Lutembe is that anyone can visit it for free, unlike many other beaches in Uganda. Additionally, it’s a nice place to go camping. While there, you may get a glimpse of the numerous aquatic birds flying through the trees or roaming about the lake shores. 

Lido Beach

Lido Beach Entebbe

One of Uganda’s oldest beaches is Lido Beach, which is about a kilometer from the Entebbe International Airport. Lido Beach, a popular destination for locals and a moderately busy location on the weekends, is regarded as a party location. 

There are events held there practically every weekend, ranging from fun activities for the whole family to crazy parties. Sunsets on the white sand beach are breathtaking. 

Swimming is prohibited in Lake Victoria, as it is throughout, due to the risk of contracting bilharzia. Visit Lido Beach on the weekend if you want to have fun the local way.

Ssese Islands

ssese islands uganda kalangala

The Ssese Islands can be found in the northwestern part of Lake Victoria. They are a well-known tourist site for both tourists and locals. 

The islands are ideal for birdwatchers and anybody seeking quiet because they are home to numerous exotic birds, monkeys, and occasionally even crocodiles and hippos. From Kalangala, trips between islands can be planned using a lake taxi or a private boat.

The social scene around Kalangala Bay is accessible on weekends, and you can rent bicycles or enjoy a lovely bonfire at night. Visit one of the many eateries or bars in adjacent Kalangala Town to have a tasty meal or a cool beverage.

Munyonyo Beach

munyonyo beach uganda

Due to the martyr’s shrine and a string of five-star hotels in this upscale neighborhood, Munyonyo is not only well-known but also a preferred travel destination for travelers visiting Uganda. 

Munyonyo Beach is also popularly known as a beach where visitors can relax and enjoy a cool breeze by the water’s shores. 

Additionally, visitors can check out the nearby Bullago and Chimp Islands, as well as speedboat and canoe rides, available.

At the beach, activities like horseback riding, fishing, and paintball keep you on the move.

Lost Paradise Beach-Lake Bunyonyi

Lost Paradise Beach is a unique kind of beach. It may be reached from Orutindo in 15 minutes by engine boat in the southwest of Uganda on Lake Bunyonyi. 

It is a peninsula rather than one of the 28 islands. It can be reached by land, albeit with some effort, but is much easier to reach by canoe or boat.

It is literally on the water, peaceful, private, and surrounded by a beautiful, lush environment. Though quite good and breathtakingly gorgeous, it is one of the most reasonably priced beaches on the lake. Each individual must pay 100 Euros for a full week (7 days) of lodging at Lake Bunyonyi’s Lost Paradise Beach.

You can eat sugar cane, passion fruit, ananas, bananas, minute, matooke, mango, catfish, and many other fruits while visiting Lost Paradise Beach.

Serena Resort Beach

Serena Resort Beach

For this beach, it’s only guests of the Lake Victoria Serena Resort that are permitted access to this secluded beach. It is situated in the Kigo District. 

In addition to being surrounded by thick vegetation, this lovely beach is special since it is the ideal location to dock your private boat and play some golf. 

Diverse water activities are being played by visitors to this sanctuary. The resort offers a sizable pool for swimmers to cool off in after a hot day.

Nabinonya Resort Beach

Nabinonya Resort Beach, which is known for its natural beauty, is regarded as a place that caters to both families and young people. 

The gorgeous remnant forest, which is home to several monkeys, birds, and reptiles, is available for those seeking adventure. 

There is a well-liked campground not far from the beach that can be visited. The area is ideal for watching the local youth soccer team in action.


The beaches in Uganda feature the nicest cool breezes, they are the best places to relax soon after arriving in the country and even the best places to hang out with friends in Uganda. 

At these beaches, they’re several activities that you can participate in to ensure that you have a good time. As soon as you get free time, endeavor to check out these beaches in Uganda, you’ll be glad you did!