Teddy Naluswa denies Pastor Bujjingo
House of Prayer Ministries: Teddy Naluswa and House of Prayer Ministries lead Pastor Aloysius Bugingo ‘set for court battle’ over son. File Photo

House of Prayer Ministries lead Pastor, Aloysius Bugingo has called for the law’s intervention to enable him to have a chance to meet and greet his children again.

Pastor Bugingo whose family scandals continue to be a topic of discussion in the public corridors, claims that his officially known wife, Teddy Naluswa has taken it upon herself to hide their children away from him something that hurts him a lot.

”I would want the law to make it possible for me to see my boy child. You know what it means to have one boy child among three girls.”

“My wife knows that it hurts me if I take long without seeing him and now she uses that as a tool,” Bugingo added.

Earlier, Teddy Naluswa accused Bugingo of neglecting their children. She further insisted that he failed to pay their fees for the ongoing term.

She insisted that Bugingo refused to pay school fees for two of their four children with one being a finalist in the United Kingdom while the other is at Makerere University Business School in Nakawa.

However, Bugingo refuted these claims adding that he cannot deny his biological children the chance to education. 

In the same statement Bugingo noted that he had been receiving all home bills through his church’s administrator but for this term, the children’s bank slips never came to him something he had no reason as to why it happened.

In a meeting with the Minister of Youth affairs, Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi over these allegations, Bugingo implied that he has been and is still willing to pay for all the utilities at home despite the family differences between them.

“I pay Shs 200,000 to cater for the fuel of the car that is supposed to take the child to school. I also give my wife another Shs. 200,000 through the church mediator,” he said before requesting the Minister to order Teddy Naluswa, his wife to keep family wrangles out of the public.

In response, Nakiwala promised to work on Bugingo’s request but also asked the two to ensure the children are not affected by their disagreements.

The Minister also said that they will make arrangements for Bugingo to see his beloved child.

“If you want to be with the child, we shall make arrangements for that but children should not be used as a tool in your differences,” Nakiwala told Bugingo.

Meanwhile, Bugingo’s wife Teddy Naluswa was absent from the meeting insisted that Bugingo knows where to find the children if he cares about them. 

By John Dalton Kigozi