Drama In Church: Pastor Bugingo’s Marriage Under Fire

House of Prayer lead pastor, also the Salt Media Managing Director, Aloysius Bugingo has instructed all followers to stop buying and reading Vision Group products as well as listening and watching their Radios and Television Stations.

Bugingo says proceeding to take up Vision Group products will be a complete blasphemy.

“Stop reading Government newspaper, The New Vision and its sister Paper Bukedde, those who agree with me clap your hands to the almighty God!!!”

He continued to state that; “The government newspapers that’s supposed to be promoting government program by writing educative and informative issues, they are now competing with tabloids like Red paper in publishing unverified news, nudity, and pornography.”

This comes few days after Pastor Bugingo filed a defamation case against Vision Group and Red Pepper for the defamatory materials they published following his marriage woes.

Speaking to House of Prayer International Church Members on Sunday, Pastor Bugingo commended daily monitor for being professional in their work.

He however said his lawyers are working hard gathering information pinning the two empires and he is expecting huge compensation for the damages caused after winning the case.