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Firefighters at Ibanda cleared of office abuse allegations
According to the Uganda Police, allegations that Ibanda firefighting officers used a fire vehicle to supply water in villages are false. PHOTO/NEW VISION

Police has responded to allegations surrounding Ibanda firefighting officers who reportedly used fire vehicles to supply water to villages.

The Uganda Police has made it clear that allegations surrounding a section of Ibanda firefighting officers that reportedly used a fire vehicle to supply water in the villages are false.

On July 4th, a one Good Friday Edison of Kanoni in Kazo district, who is also a member of Kanoni Elites SACCO, took photos of the firefighting track in Ibanda under registration number UP4739, while drawing water from the fire hydrant at Kitookye stage. 

He went on to tweet “Fire Brigade vehicle in Ibanda district, is used to supply water in the villages, each trip costs shs. 300,000/=.

The tweet raised an alarm which prompted an immediate investigation by management and a team from Professional Standards Unit was dispatched to conduct investigations. 

In a statement announcing their findings, the police have said they have since established that the allegation was factually wrong and malicious. 

The police said the truck had been from repair when the crew members branched off to a fire hydrant at Kitooke stage to refill it with water. 

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It is at this point one individual took the photo and posted it with the above caption.

“The truck had been grounded since April 2022, and its on the 3.07.2022 that it was repaired by mechanical engineers from Kampala. The following day of 4.07.2022, it was test driven by CPL/Driver Abigaba Samuel, with firefighting crew members PC Koyekyenga Delson, PC Tuwangye Jacob, PC Waniaye Aron and PC Muhindo Habson, thereafter, took the vehicle for water filling at a fire hydrant at Kitookye stage, in Ibanda.”

“They returned and parked at the station pending any fire emergency. There was no misuse as alleged. The officers have been exonerated following the findings,” the police said.

It, however, commended the civilian for the vigilant act. They urged individuals to always take interest in matters concerning the misuse of government property.

“Misuse of government resources is a very serious matter and we encourage the public to always take interest in the use of police resources in their respective jurisdictions. We should however, avoid posting false allegations on social media, accusing people of committing crimes they did not commit,” the police added.