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Itanda Falls in Uganda (1)
Itanda Falls is not well known by visitors to Jinja, except for those who come for whitewater rafting. FILE PHOTO

Itanda Falls are situated on the Nile River in Jinja, but most visitors to the city don’t know about them, except those who come for white water rafting.

Jinja is home to the Itanda Falls, which are located on the Nile River. Except for those who come for white water rafting, few visitors to Jinja are aware of Itanda Falls. 

The famous Bujagali Falls may just be a few ripples now, but it doesn’t imply that the Nile is a quiet and dull place to visit. The raging Itanda falls are only a short distance from Bujagali. 

Seeing the falls is both amazing and a little scary at the same time.

The Nile’s Source and Bujagali Falls used to be the center of attention in Jinja for a long time. However, the Bujagali Falls have vanished as a result of the Bujagali Dam and Power Station being built. 

However, there are still some travel agencies that provide Bujagali trips. There were only a few people that discovered Itanda falls without Bujagali falls. 

Visitors to Itanda Falls are primarily interested in kayaking and white water rafting.

These stunning waterfalls potray what the Nile River would look like if it burst its banks. A few miles distant, the sound of the rushing river can be heard clearly from where you are standing, as the water rushes past you with a great force. 

There is a lot of danger for kayakers and rafters in the rapids, which are stunning and forceful, so be careful.

There are three levels of rapids at the falls, ranging from grade 1 to grade 6. River users, such as canoers and rafters, should be aware of these dangerous levels before embarking on this fun journey.

Does Itanda Falls get many tourists?

Itanda Falls is still relatively untouched, in part because few visitors go there. It hasn’t been advertised enough or developed to the expected level, so few people are aware of it, and so few safari operators include it in their schedules. 

Finding its location isn’t that easy for most people. It’s around a 45-minute journey from jinja, which is about 27 kilometers away. 

However, once you arrive, you will be amazed by the sheer force and beauty of these falls, and you will want to tell others about your experience. The Itanda Falls are both gorgeous and dangerous, so visitors are urged to take caution.

Locals revere the location, which has not yet been commercialised and is still treated as a holy site by some. For your own quiet, you won’t have to deal with any hawkers trying to hawk their products in front of you, which is a good thing.

Even amid the falls, there are small islands that could serve as lovely retreats along the Nile, if only they could be reached.

There’s a lot of money to be made as a tourist destination if those islands can be reached quickly.

Things to do and see at Itanda Falls in Jinja

Itanda Falls get many tourists (1)
When you visit the falls, you will be astounded by its roaring water and three tiers of rapids. FILE PHOTO

Offering some of the best safari experiences in Uganda, Jinja is one of the best places to visit in the country for those looking to unwind and relax while taking in one of Africa’s seven natural wonders, Itanda Falls

In addition to hosting the Nyegege festival, the Nile’s source is host to many locals and visitors from across the world who come to take in a natural beauty and calm climate of the Nile River. 

Uganda has drawn a large number of tourists who travel up the historic Nile to get there.

Only at Jinja and on the Nile you can go for white water rafting or kayaking, which are both extremely dangerous activities. 

More than just the gorgeous waterfalls, nature trails, and cultural monuments near Itanda Falls may make a vacation to Jinja even more enjoyable, as can the variety of birds that live there. 

With its roaring water, the falls will astound you with its three tiers of rapids while you’re there. The sound of the water can be heard for miles around the reallocation. Because of the volume and speed of the river, rafting and kayaking are excellent activities for individuals who enjoy spending time in the water, as well. 

There’s something special about this location. You must visit and see for yourself.

You can also take a walk in the forest on the island in the middle of the water at Itanda Falls if you’d like to take a break from the water games. 

Taking a boat ride around the lake will allow you to witness a variety of bird species in addition to the different varieties of trees. 

If you’re planning on visiting Jinja, Itanda is a must-do activity because it’s so refreshing and pleasant to spend time there.

The waterfalls along the fabled Nile River, like Itanda, play a significant role in the booming tourism industry in Jinja. 

Soon, more tourists are likely to visit Itanda Falls, thanks to the extensive marketing that has been done to raise awareness of its existence, making the tours to Jinja even more delightful.

Jinja’s nightlife: where to stay

Jinja Nile resort at itanda (1)
The best place to stay is Jinja Nile Resort, which is only 20.3 km away from Itanda Falls, and is only $153 a night. FILE PHOTO

For tourists looking for places to stay as they explore the beautiful Jinja, some hotels offer affordable accommodations.

For absolute comfort, the best place to stay would be Jinja Nile resort that is only 20.3 km from Itanda Falls. For only $153 a night, you get to enjoy your rest at this hotel. 

Some of the other hotels are Nile Eden Resort, The Roots, Nile village hotel and spa, Impala suites, Forever Resort hotel, Jinja base camp, and whole many others.

With that said, if you fancy kayaking and white water rafting, this is the place to be for you. Escape the noise of Jinja town and explore the beauty of the falls and lush green vegetation the Itanda Falls region has to offer.

Lastly, among the many other tourist destinations, there are to see in Uganda, you must see Itanda Falls while on your next safari; don’t just see the source of the Nile, but see the Nile in all its ferociousness. You will not regret the decision.

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