Ssezibwa Falls in Uganda (1)
Ssezibwa Falls is located in Mukono District, 32 kilometres from Kampala City on the main road connecting Kampala and Jinja. PHOTO/TRIPADVISOR

The Ssezibwa Falls are located 32 kilometres from Kampala city in the District of Mukono on the main road to Jinja from Kampala.

The district of Mukono contains the Ssezibwa Falls, which are 32 kilometres from Kampala city on the main road connecting Kampala and Jinja. 

As water rushes through narrow spaces in rocks, it descends at a speed of 17 metres per second and plunges into a big pool that is roughly 14 metres deep. 

After a long safari in Uganda or before reaching the source of the Nile river for activities like whitewater rafting or bungee jumping, the area around the falls is a great location to unwind. 

According to the local language, “something infinite” is referred to as Ssezibwa. For the inhabitants of the Baganda ethnic group, the Sezibwa falls are a significant cultural and spiritual place.

The Sezibwa falls have a big pool at the bottom of numerous boulders with dangerous edges. 

To get to Lake Kyoga, the Ssezibwa River must first pass through the falls. Small primates, such as Vervet and red-tailed monkeys, can be found in the region around the falls. 

The Ssezibwa Falls play a significant role in the history, culture, and beliefs of Buganda. The Ssezibwa Falls’ mystique and allure are further enhanced by their historical and cultural significance.

The river is revered by the Baganda as a source of mystical power.

How do you go to the Falls from Kampala? 

The Sezibwa Waterfalls are about 30 kilometres from Kampala. The route to the falls is composed of murram once you reach the junction. 

Especially in the rainy season, you’ll want a reliable four-wheel-drive vehicle to get you through this hard period. To avoid missing the main intersection leading to the falls, drive slowly and pay attention to the road. 

The Ssezibwa River Resort is marked by a signpost, although it’s easy to overlook.

After going through the main gate (made of reeds), the lovely scenery and calm sounds of the waterfalls are the first things that catch your eye. The land is largely undeveloped and covered in forests. 

You can see the waterfalls as you walk further into the complex, as well as a bridge that crosses the river. The bridge is a great vantage point from which to capture images of the falls. 

Rocks and trees stand on well-kept grass on the other side of the bridge. All of these elements work together to produce a relaxing environment.

Ssezibwa Falls are important to Buganda (1)
Historically, culturally, and religiously, the Ssezibwa Falls are important to Buganda. PHOTO/TRIPADVISOR

Weekends and vacations are perfect times to visit the Ssezibwa waterfalls. It’s close to Kampala, Uganda’s capital, and has a pleasant climate. In addition, it’s a bargain compared to other options in Uganda. 

People visiting the Eastern Districts of Uganda or doing whitewater rafting in Jinja can rest and gaze at the crystal-clear waters of the falls.

Here are a few ideas for things to do at the falls


The facility’s management discourages those who aren’t good swimmers from using the lovely pool after the falls. 

This place has probably seen a few deaths. No one can stop you from having fun in nature if you’re an expert swimmer. 

After bungee jumping and whitewater rafting in Jinja, you can take a dip in these waters.

Hiking and rock climbing

You can see the River Sezibwa rushing down the rocks and through the dense trees and bushes from the top of the fall. 

Despite the difficulty of the hike, those who are physically fit will enjoy spectacular views of the waterfalls and surrounding scenery at the end. 

Other creatures may also be seen as you walk.


Sezibwa Falls could be the perfect location for your next photography project. It’s not just the waterfalls that make this place gorgeous; the greenery, boulders, and trees also appear great in photos. 

Photographs of the monkeys in the nature trails or while playing games in the gardens over the bridge are options.


Long-Tailed-Cormorant bird watching uganda (1)
At the base of the falls, you can see African Finfoot and Long-tailed Cormorants swimming. PHOTO/PRIME SAFARIS

The Ssezibwa waterfalls area is surrounded by a forest that is home to more than 50 different bird species. The location is fantastic for birdwatchers. 

African Finfoot and the Long-tailed Cormorant can be seen swimming right at the base of the falls.

Many different species of birds can be found in and around the falls, such as the African Finfoot, the African Grey Hornbill, the Ashy Fly Catcher and the African Paradise Fly Catcher.

Cultural experience

The shrines of Buganda’s old gods and spiritual beings can be visited by anyone interested in learning more about the ancient cultural practises of the Buganda people. 

Numerous sacred artefacts are said to be housed within the shrine itself. These include ceramic pots and bark cloth as well as spears, calabashes, and other talismans. 

When the water and other gods are sacrificed, smoke rises from the falls’ bottom. Women are prohibited from entering the shrine itself for religious reasons (built inside a cave). 

Only males who haven’t had sex the night before are allowed to attend the event. 

Nature walks

After taking in the breathtaking views of the falls, this is the activity that most people choose to partake in. The first place to look is in the nearby woods. 

Bamboo, Muvule, Musizi, Mahogany, fig, Eucalyptus, and Ebony are among the most common tree species. There are a lot of plants and shrubs in the region as well. You’ll see more birds, butterflies, and small primates if you work with a local guide. 

Visits to nearby sugarcane and tea estates can be incorporated into the stroll if desired. Tourists from outside Uganda pay roughly four dollars per day.

Camping and Picnics

To avoid bothering others, you can enjoy a peaceful picnic in the lush greenery surrounding the falls. You can have a picnic with your family or friends under one of the large trees and enjoy the cool breeze, the spectacular waterfalls, and many games. 

Camping enthusiasts will like the well-kept grounds after the bridge, which have been meticulously mowed. Camping near the Sezibwa Falls provides a peaceful setting with the chirping of birds and the scurrying of primates. 

The Sezibwa Falls Resort offers drinks and meals, however, we suggest bringing your own to prevent being dissatisfied with the place’s subpar offerings.

What you should know as you plan to visit

The entrance fee is around $3 in Ugandan shillings.

While the Sezibwa falls are open to the public all year round, the rainy season is the best time to see the falls at their most powerful.

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