Jacob Oulanyah Is Not Ill parliment (1)
Uganda's parliament has refuted accusations circulating on social media concerning Jacob Oulanyah's health. FILE PHOTO

Parliament of Uganda has refuted allegations circulating on various social media platforms regarding the health of ‌current‌ ‌Speaker‌ ‌Jacob‌ ‌Oulanyah.

The Parliament of Uganda has rubbished allegations making rounds on various social media platforms concerning the health of the current Speaker Jacob Oulanyah.

Earlier this week, news has been circulating on different social media stating that Oulanyah’s absence in Parliament sittings is due to his sorrowful health state.

In an article published Tuesday by the Red Pepper, it was reported that government intends to fly out the Speaker for advanced treatment after he contracted the coronavirus.

However, in a statement via his prominent social media handle, Chris Obore the Director for Communication and Public Affairs at Parliament has said the allegations are false.

Contrary to what was reported, Obore also rubbished claims that the Speaker is critically ill and that government plans to fly him outside the country for first-class treatment.

Obore noted that just like many other Ugandans, the Speaker has been having a stressful period in the past months as a result he was allowed this time to rest and dedicate it to his family.

“The Speaker is well and having time with his children at home. He has been in campaigns for more than a year. Family is as important as a national duty,” Obore said.

In addition, he said it’s not mandated that a deputy Speaker is only allowed a chance to chair a parliamentary sitting once the Speaker is absent or sick. 

Obore revealed that unlike in previous regimes, for the 11th parliament it was decided that the Speaker and his deputy will both have an equal share of responsibilities.

“Secondly the Deputy Speaker chairs House as a shared responsibility not only when Speaker is away. That’s new approach,” he added saying that Parliament takes Covid19 measures seriously.

Meanwhile, this comes at a time when Oulanyah has since responded to the allegations. 

Jacob Oulanyah Is Not Ill parliment (1)
Uganda’s parliament has refuted accusations circulating on social media concerning Jacob Oulanyah’s health. FILE PHOTO

In a statement, he said the public should disregard any false claims concerning his health. He revealed that he is well but just working from home following a surge in infections.

“Fellow Countrymen and Women. Kindly disregard the false alarmist reports about Speaker Jacob Oulanyah. He is well and in great spirits. At the moment, just like majority of you, he is working from home. Please wear your mask, sanitize,wash hands and stay at home,” he revealed.