US John Blaq 10-year travel ban comedy store
The real reasons were about managers not meeting his standards and that he was not banned as many are stating it. fILE pHOTO

John Blaq trashes rumours that he was given a 10-year travel ban to the US

From yesterday, social media was covered with circulating rumours about a 10-year travel ban to the US that was imposed to Ugandan hip hop singer John Blaq (born John Kashada).

Reasons for this travel ban were said to have risen from John Blaq lying about his rightful intentions why he wanted to travel to the US in the Visa application.

Speaking to Spark TV, Singer John Blaq opposed these allegations saying everything that is being said wasn’t right. The real reasons were about managers not meeting his standards and that he was not banned as many are stating it.

“I wasn’t banned from travelling to America. I can travel any time I want but the promoters refused to match my standards but once they accept to do everything my management wants, then I will go. I have to travel to America for a show soon before the year ends,” Blaq opens up.

John Blaq 10-year travel ban
US reportedly impose a 10-year travel ban on John Blaq for hiding rightful intentions in Visa application. File Photo

John Blaq said he cannot fail to sing for his fans because he was born to sing and that he has achieved many things out of music including the smile on his face.

“You have known me because of singing. If I fail to sing then that means I don’t know what I want. John Blaq is a singer and I was born to sing. Am doing everything because am singing. The smile on my face is because am singing so am getting money from singing, you know…so I cann

Tukwatagane hit-maker John Blaq cleared that there are things that the managements have to agree upon before an artist goes to perform and so he confirms as many other potential promoters are coming on board.

“There are things that must be agreed upon by the management, so those promoters who wanted to take me failed to agree with us and we also failed to agree with them. So they couldn’t take me but many other promoters are coming on board and if they meet our standards, we shall go,

Maybe to those who think John Blaq has never stepped feet in an aeroplane, he has something for you.

“I have been to America before in UNA not that I haven’t been there. I have sung for people there and they appreciated so my American fans wait for me anytime, I will be in your town, “confirms Blaq.

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