singer-Chosen Becky father motorcycle
Chosen Becky buys a motorcycle for his father back home in Masaka to help him in pastoral duties. File Photo

Chosen Becky buys a motorcycle for his father back home in Masaka to help him in pastoral duties

From Kiyirikiti in Masaka to Kampala, Singer Chosen Becky (born Rebecca Kwikiriza) excitedly expressed her joy in-camera for her loving fans who helped her buy a motorcycle for her father after a long time on a bicycle.

On NBS UNCUT, Chosen Becky said that her father had been severely undermined by people in the village whenever he could ride his bicycle around the village while doing his pastoral duties.

“My father has been riding a bicycle for a long time and people would despise him. They would tell him, look at the father of a celebrity riding a bicycle. So he would call me and tell me how people are abusing him for riding a bicycle,” Chosen said.

As the most cultured singer on the music scene in Uganda so far, Chosen Becky told her fans how she had collected all that money to buy a motorcycle.

Chosen Becky father motorcycle
Singer Chosen Becky gifts father with a new motorcycle

Talking to NBS, Chosen Becky said that the money was given to her by one of her London fans after she told Bukedde, a local TV station, that she wanted to buy a motorcycle for her father.

“When I did an interview with Bukedde and said my father had asked me to buy him a motorcycle, there is a lady called Annette based in London who sent me shs4.5million and I bought my dad a motorcycle, “she said.

After buying a motorcycle, Chosen says that his father’s work has now been simplified to move around the village while preaching the word of God, and he will never be despised again.

“(kneeling) My father has now put more in his pastoral work and preaching the word of God .he is now on another level. I am now praying for God to help me get a breakthrough, I want to buy him a sound system and get him a permanent location where he can do his work. Pastoral work

To share her joy, smiling from ear to ear, Becky knelt like a humble girl in the industry to thank her fans who had been in her support to take her career to a higher level.

For what to expect this New Year 2020, Chosen Becky has promised to release more music that her fans will love as they did before. She asked them to continue to support her.

“I thank my fans who have supported me and they have loved my music, who could have known me? Now look at me, see how I have changed. Who knew that I could also have such nails, I am grateful” said Chosen Becky “I have a new song I have released today and it is titled ‘Nesiimye’